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Judges 8:18-9:21
In the passage about Gideon’s son, Abimelech, I see a warning about allowing someone whose only leadership qualification is either looking like you or being related. Abimelech’s folks elected him a man who was a seriel killer only because they were related to his mother that is a sorry state of affairs. Daily we make choices not based on principles and integrity of values and beliefs but based on who or what can benefit us by way of relationships.

The parable Abimelech’s half-brother, Jotham, shows what happens when there is a leadership vacuum. The olive tree doesn’t serve (spiritual leadership), the fig tree doesn’t step-up (political); the grapevine (I’m not sure who the vine represents) however, the bramble bush I believe represents “gang” or mob rule. Having a thorn bush as “king” will not bring any comfort. It has nothing to use to shade anyone from the sun and for those who gather under it, they will be stuck.

What kind of leadership should “Believers” elect to lead them, someone who looks like them or someone who hold spiritual and national authority?

Luke 23:44-24:12

Jesus told His followers everything that would happen to Him. They heard Him but didn’t hear Him. What are the memory triggers that make me remember the Word of the Lord. As I read the One-Year-Bible, how much do I take in and how much do I just “don’t get?” May the Holy Spirit bring all things to my remembrance?

Psalm 99:1-9
We are told to “Exalt the Lord our God” (Verse 5) and then given a listing of Old Testament saints who did just that. God doesn’t tell us just to do something without letting us see the great company we would be in if we obeyed God’s command
Proverbs 14:9-10

Mike’s asks if we acknowledge guilt. I would like to add when you feel guilty do you try to do lots of things, busy things, to num feelings of guilt by constantly being on the move (Doing good things trying to pay one’s way out of guilt)? That won’t work. Getting before God and “reconciling with God is the only way. Thanks Mike for the word in season.

Grace and peace,

Luke 24:11-12

11But they did not believe the women, because their words seemed to them like nonsense. 12Peter, however, got up and ran to the tomb. Bending over, he saw the strips of linen lying by themselves, and he went away, wondering to himself what had happened.

God does things that are beyond our imagination. Ten apostles did not believe in the women. Yet, there was one--Peter--who ran to the tomb to find out. When God does things on today, would we just think that these things are 'non-sense' or are we like Peter, to go to find out?

Acknowledging your true guilt is the best thing one can do for their mental and spiritual health. Along with proverbs 14:9, Proverbs 28:13 says that when one fully confesses and forsakes their sin THEY WILL OBTAIN MERCY. That's a wonderful promise.

8And they remembered his words, Praise GOD HE is risen.

I just learned something in an apologetics class I'm taking. It has to do with the fact of the women being the first to report the resurrection. In that day a woman's testimony was not even considered in court as reliable. If the disciples had gotten together to make up a resurrection story, they would not have included this detail. Of course, as believers, we take the Biblical account as true and factual but if we are speaking to someone who has bought the lie that the followers of Jesus just made up the story then this might be a good point to bring up. There is so much evidential proof of the resurrection. It is good to know that our faith is not blind. Someone once said that faith in God is not a leap into the dark but a step into the light, I like that!

Judges chapter 8 verses 23 & 24 - Mike, I like those verses. A true believer & leader of God's kingdom will not ask for his/her own glorification but to give praise to God & only God. How often we do good things (even if we do say we do it for God) at times we really want to get credit bestowed on us (a pat on the shoulder or reward).

Let us remember that God is Holy, Jesus is Holy and we should always treat them as Holy. In this modern age, we sometimes forget God's holiness. We take the name of God in vain.

Life is futile if we do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of the saints.

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