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Like Mike said,"please filter my comments through the lens of the bible"...I maybe diving into deep water here but here goes...I just couldn't help comparing Cyrus to the church.There are many messianic commnunites now but most of the ones I know here started off in a local christian church.Today more and more christians are praying for Israel to recognise Jesus as their saviour...alot of jews are responding.There was a time a doctrine was spreading that Israel has been rejected by God and all the promises made to Israel are now the church's.God still has a plan with Israel.
I believe it is crucial for every christian to be a "self feeder"I began to question the doctrine I was getting when I came to Christ.I really wanted to get to know the truth but somehow reading through the bible on my own didn't help me much.I have to say being involved in a bible study has really helped me filter out a lot of heresies.
God bless you all.

It is so glad to learn that more and more Jews are converting and they believe in Jesus. Praise our LORD!

I like the note about being "self-feeders". I hold a ladies Bible study group in my home and am concerned that they (mostly unchurched) are relying on me for their spiritual food. I can use this as a point to speak to them about what they should do to progress in the faith. Thank you for the insight.

Messianic Judaism is on the increase. In fact, Coach Bill McCartney, founder of "Promise Keepers", started a 2nd ministry, called "Road To jerusalem." This new ministry has the goal of educating the body of Christ about its Jewish roots and uniting the body of Christ with Messianic Jewish congregations around the world. He has returned to Promise Keepers and is incorporating both ministries into one.

For more information about this powerful ministry go to the following link:

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