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Ecclesiastes 1-3:22

Some brief thoughts on Solomon’s Words:

.1) Balance is the Key to Life

2) We live in a closed system everything is recycled

3) There is a difference from living under the sun and living under the Son.

4) Solomon was a wise man because God gave him wisdom, but even that wisdom was foolishness compared to the Wisdom of God.

Grace and peace,

Yes, Mike, I read The Cost of Discipleship by Bonhoffer many moons ago and it left it's mark on me. A particular quote remains embossed on my heart. "When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die." These weren't just inspiring words to Dietrich Bonhoffer. He carried them out to the full as one of the chief apologists and motivators in the Resistance Movement against Hitlerin Germany. When he could have found safe refuge in America, he chose to practice what he preached in Germany. He ended up in a prison camp, dying just a few days short of the arrival of the allied forces.

The Cost of Discipleship is a series of expositions on topics such as Costly Grace, Discipleship and the Cross, The Beatitudes, Jesus' Extraordinary Words Concerning Enemies, Hidden Righteousness and Prayer, The Community of Saints, etc. It is NOT light reading. If you're not a reader I recommend the film "Bonhoffer"

Looking back through the chapters, I wonder if I actually got through it all. But God used what I read to challenge and change me. It propelled me to lay down my comfortable American lifestyle and live a Spartan life of simplicity in West Africa. There, I experienced the treasures of discipleship in ways I never imagined.

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