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Pride indeed comes before the fall. One of my fave songs is: "humble thyself in the sight of the Lord...and He shall lift you up! higher and higher and He, shall lift you up". Humility/meekness is indeed a wonderful virture! and pride is so very destructive.

I love the example of Moses. Think Moses is regretting his decision now? to forsake the pleasures of the world and follow God? ha! Lets focus on the eternal! this life will pass away!

I'm not married, regarding Provs, but if God's will for my life is to marry, may I be a blessing and joy to my husband, not a quarrlesome, constant drip. (and vice vs!). But, Paul did say it is better to remain single. ;) My dad is a widower and some of the women he has dated, he's sure glad he didnt marry them...and i remember him quoting this Prov, haha (and I have to agree!!!)

Congratulations on your recent marriage; I pray you and your dear wife will be very happy and know God's richest blessing on your union. I think when two people are falling over each other to be all that each other wants in a partner, it cannot fail.

The worst kind of pride for me is the pride of the Pharisees and the Hypocrites which I see some Christians have. This can be seen in the false way some of them talk in church and you wonder if they are for real. As for me I have to remain humble or else I will get thorn in the side syndrome just like Paul. I am not comparing myself to Paul but I know exactly what he means by having a constant reminder of where you came from least you forget, God or someone else would remind you. Sometimes our own imperfections give us away.
By the way, marriage today is a modern test of pride. Don't get married if you are a prideful person. Anyone who is full of pride and says that they have a happy marriage over a period of years is lying. If you were prideful before you are married, then marriage is the place to lose it. It is easier on the emotions to remain single. In many ways I was happier before I was married. When I became married I was tested to the full extent of my Christianity and I became a man. Marriage today is difficult, and easy to cop out if you want to. You either become mature or you suffer. Those who are happy with their wedding ring also wear their suffer ring well. I am happily married sometimes; most people have to be content with that. I am committed to my wife and children, and this gives me a sense of importance, and a purpose for being.

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