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Yep, regarding empty promises, i dont think anyone likes to be left dangling. that goes for not being a flake too. As Christians especially, we should keep our promises and let our yes be yes and are no be no. Its so discouraging when, especially believers, constantly back out of things...cant really be counted on. then there are ppl true to their word and never say yes unless they mean it and follow through! God bless those ppl!! (ie, my dad!!! <3)

Those men of faith are unbelievable. I mean, being sawed in half, being eaten by lions? Could I go through that? I live in the US and the worst persecution I suffer is maybe being mocked or excluded from things, big deal, that's nothing!!! I mean, there are people in other countries today, like Sudan...believers being tortured and put to death for their devotion to Christ everyday! Those are the ppl too good for this world! There's a great book, Foxe's Book of Martyrs if anyone wants to see what real persecution looks like. But of course, Christ is our ultimate example!

Hebs 10:10-11 is great, talking about God's discipline. I need it!

I too love Ps. v.4 "When darkness overtakes the godly, light will come bursting in." thats such a beautiful and comforting word!

and i love Prov too. "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." There are certainly people in my life that have fulfilled this role for me! Of course my Pastors, but some other very special people. I think its wonderful when believers can sit and share with each other and sharpen one another. We need that! Its not good to try to go at this alone...we need others. Its not just 'me and God', though I think a lot of us have felt this before. Others have insights and wisdom that we can really learn from. Let's all strive to encourage one another, build each other in the faith, and sharpen each other.

I could not have commented yesterday but I commented on yesterday's readings today. To further my comment on marriage,today's proverb quite sums up what marriage does to the person. Before marriage I thought I was an OK guy and quite a catch but after marriage I realized I had a lot to learn. What I learned during marriage I could not have understood outside of marriage. Likewise my wife learned from me. Sometimes God uses the same paths and vocations we choose to discipline us. If you struggle through the discipline you become a better person. If you cop out you loose out.

I have lately told several people what a blessing this web site has been to me over the past few years. Thank you for your faithfulness.


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