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James is right on! I have said this to nonbelievers when i talk to them...they say, 'i believe in God'. But, the demons believe! satan believes! they know Christ is God, the messiah, the ONLY way man can be saved...they are for sure not saved! You must receive the gift of Christ and salvation. Be born again of the spirit! Mere belief is nothing....we must surrender our wills and lives and allow Christ to dwell within us!

So true, one of the things you learn in life, every person will let you down...we arent perfect. We will let others down too. Of course this isnt the end all, just know this and know Christ never ever lets us down. He is our hope. Sometimes He is all we have and then we realize, He is all we need! The two people I loved the most in the world, i needed the most, died within two yrs of each other (the second was my mom). Christ delivered me through that.....of course i miss them terribly (i will see my mom in heaven!! =) ..but ppl die, friends leave, nothing in life is certain, nothing! EXCEPT Christ Jesus, the same today, yesterday, and forever. He will never leave, never die, never fail! Mark my words! =)

James speaks of the tongue being so small, yet so wicked. So true! We've been talking about this at church this past week....the tongue is the most destructive thing!! With the same moutth comes out blessings and cursings...i wont lie, i'm guilty! Father, forgive for this! May only words of good and blessing proceed from my mouth. I need your help every day in this. .

God is jealous of His holy name! I can understand this maybe like the way you feel inside when you hear peopele take the Lord's name in vain...use it as a curse word! is it just me or does it make your ears burn, your heart tear, makes me feel sick!? Jesus is my heart, my best friend, my Father, its hurts to hear His name blasphemed...just as if someone were to curse my mom's name...how much more my precious Jesus!

I love Psalms

"The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me? Yes, the Lord is for me; he will help me....It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in people".

What a wonderful maker...what a wonderful Father!

James 2: 22 & 3: 2a

22 You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did.

2 We all stumble in many ways.

I have been struggling on the importance of faith and work/deed. James 2: 22 is a god answer to my question. James continued to write on the fact that we all stumble in many ways. Don't think that with our own determination, we will have good deeds to satisfy God. Instead, we all stumble in many ways. It is still the atonement of Jeuse and the faith we put on Jesus that make the covering of our sins before God.

Psalm 118:8

This is not my original thinking and I learn it from a powerpoint circulated in the internet.

The shortest chapter in bible: Psalm 117. The longest chapter in bible: Psalm 119. The centre chapter in bible: Psalm 118. The centre verse in bible: Psalm 118:8 (Mike also was impressed by this verse.) If God has a centre message to us, human, it is in Psalm 118:8. What does it says:

(NIV) 8 It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in humans.

(CEV) 8It is better to trust the LORD
for protection
than to trust anyone else

God asks us to trust in him rather than humans.

One of the major problems is that we are conditioned by the things of this world. We want to change and act differently but the world does not allow us to. How to live in the world and not react to the things as we normally do? How to not fall pray to our usual temptations or means of entertainment? It would take some faith and effort but in the long run we would get the prize of heaven. We may even start to look and sound like the image of God that we were meant to be. We must be aware of our environment and learn to react differently to it. There are hip Christians who are blending into the worldly environment. I don't think that I am qualified to judge such behavior.

A good example of transferring of holiness to one that lacks purity of heart would be Saul. Although he was the chosen King and walked in the annointing of God. He did not honor that, to the point the Lord repented for chosing Him as King. Holiness is not just an outward transfer, but an inward heart change or circumsision(sp?) of the heart.

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