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I love Psalms 119. I wanted to jump in here with some comments before we leave this wonderful Psalm.

Not to brag on my husband, but he has chosen to memorize the whole Psalm in it's entirety. Yes you read this right, all 176 verses of Psalms 119. It is amazing how this has blessed him in his life and just wanted to share this with you all. These Psalms have a very personal application to every aspect of our lives and answer so many questions. My husband has come up with one liners and answers to many things people say to him throughout the day. My husband works in the healthcare industry and sees many people, as I do working retail. I've probably only memorized a few but he has nearly tackled the whole thing. It has taken him several months to do this and is no easy task. Another thing that he has done is researched the Hebrew alphabet and has diciphered many obscure tid bits of information. Here is a neat web site I'd like to share that explains what "Aleph", "Beth" and "Gimel" mean. I am not sure that everyone noticed how Psalms 119 is divided up into 8 verses with one of these Hebrew names at the head of each grouping of 8. Check out this web site for further information at www.hebrew4christians.com. Each of these headers has a specific Hebrew symbol. You may find this to be very interesting as I have.

As a gift for my husband, I have printed out all the Psalms but cutting and pasting from our daily reading of Psalms 119 along with all of Mike's commentary. I have italized and put shawdowing around all the commentary and have cut and pasted all the pictures as well. So far I am up to about 13 pages with more to go to finish up.

Thanks Mike for all our wonderfull incite on Psalm 119. The unfolding of your words gives light..." Do you believe this is true? Does reading God's Word, the Bible, bring light into your life? If you did not read God's Word would you be in darkness? Some food for thought.

Verse 138 is just one more small example from this incredible Psalm - "Your decrees are perfect; they are entirely worthy of our trust." Do you believe that God's Word, the Bible, is perfect? Is it entirely worthy of our trust? Would you consider the Bible to be a perfect book of counsel for your life? And yes I do consider the bible to be a perfect book that has an answer for every part of my life. Thanks again for the One Year Bible Blog.

9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.
This is a very important verse to me. Every time when I am responsible for a performance and it turns out well, I pray not to be overcome with pride. The only reason why it comes out well is because God allows it to. People wonder why I only do religious stuff now. I tell them that I owe every thing to Jesus and there is nothing more important to me. Too many musicians perform religious music as a matter of fact. Just another genre. There is nothing more important that praising God for what he has done. The only thing more important is getting others to do the same. This is what we all would be doing when Jesus returns. He is just patient to see how many would be doing it on their own before he comes!

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