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Wow! Rev is fascinating stuff...we have studied this many times at church, but its still too amazing. Its important to realize this wont be some sorta fairytale type thing with actual dragons, but men who appear harmless. many pastors and such believer the antichrist is alive and well on the earth somewhere. Just waiting to come on the scene which will take place after believers are raptured. I beleive th antichist will descend from Russia is it? I cant find my notes, but we know the country he will come out of....but I cant recall now.

We have the technology today and everyone pretty much knows about the microchips that ppl can get in their hands or upper brow. in certain government programs, they are doing that already...putting personal i.d. info in that chip. Some jobs are doing that, they do that with pets. Its all getting set up for the antichrist to come one the scene.

What is the number one fastest growing problem around the US lately? Identity theft! So to have a microchip implanted sounds brilliant. I heard from some that perhaps ppl will be getting it in their hands or wrists, but it could lead to crime like ppl getting their hands chopped off from thieves who want to steal the chip. therefore, an even better place to have the chip placed is above the eyebrow (aka forehead). How it all plays out, well, I wont be here to know, but its fascinating, yet crazy!

I love psalms too...'keep a guard over my mouth!' I sure need that as well, we all do. Out od our mouths can come blessings and cursings.

Let us not be drawn to evil. I was listening to a great service on kwave last night and to make a long story short, he was talking about how when Peter walked on the water, then took his eyes off Jesus and his faith weakened he started to sink. he cried out "Lord save me!' the Lord caught him. Its doesnt say how Peter got back to the boat, did he walk? did he swim??? But we know the Lord caught him when he was sinking. Now to apply it to our lives, when we start sinking, examples he was giving, when somone wants to log onto a dirty internet sight, cry out: Lord, save me! when we are tempted in any way, cry out 'Lord save me!' to those who sincerely want out of the temptation, and He will catch you!

Ps. v.6 "But my eyes are fixed on You". ...that's the key! that pretty much sums it up. Keeo our eyes fixed on Christ and we will not stumble. When we take our eyes off him and onto the cares of this world, we start to sink, fast!!!

I would love to write more, and trust me, i could go on and on, but gotta get going.

Great readings!

We live in a very confusing and changing world but one thing remains the same. We must praise Jesus. The Devil has a lot of tricks up his sleeve in order to get us away from that fact. Even at Christmas time! This part of Revelation shows to what extent he would go in order to do that and it seems that the main purpose of these beasts are to get people from worshiping God!

Thank you all. Mike you are quite a gift in what you do Sir.

It was publicized by one of the news channels recently that approx. 18% of the US is Atheist while 81% is Christian. If the Christians were practicing Christians we would have a much more powerful, beautiful, and peaceful country of course. Beyond those numbers I would guess that eventually the Atheist number could reach about the same percentage as the Angels who left Heaven, 33% but that is just a personal guess.

I hope when all the Revelation plans are playing out you we are all watching it on the big screen upstairs, especially Mike.

God Bless

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