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"I will be honest - it's not always easy to get motivated for typing in this blog each evening. Most days I am motivated - but not always. Sometimes I just have to "take the plumb line in my hand" - get started with the typing - and God shows up...." ~ I know what you mean, there are days that I hardly have time to read the verses for the day. Then I think to myself "When and where am I going to do the readings???!!!". And somehow there's always enough time to read it and to comment it. Beautiful and inspiring things happen when all of a sudden God shows up. All I have to do is give God the opportunity to show up. All I have to do is make some time for Him and His word and He's there to inspire me. Then all kinds of thoughts go through my mind and I can go on and on commenting the verses. Just sit down, get in touch with myself and I come at ease and find more than enough time to read the Bible and have enough inspiration to write about it. Same thing with church, there are times (just sporaticly - spell check- I'm thankfull for that) that I'm just too tired to go to church. When it happens, it happens on Wednesday, at the midweek service. Yep yep ... I'm admitting this ... WOW ain't I the worst Christian in the world??? LOL Anyways, it's not always easy to work all day, come home at 5.30pm, cook, freshen up, have Jaden all cleaned up and be in church at 7.30pm. While I'm going through rush our I panic "Okay ... how am I going to be in church in time ... ohhhh noooo ... I'm tired ....". Then I come home, need to fix dinner while Jaden is running around me, then we take a shower and I'm in the shower thinking "This is lovely ... maybe I should put on sweats and curl up in the coutch once I'm out of the shower". But how wonderful I feel about myself when I'm in church!!! And the services are even better when I've had this big struggle beforehand! And then I'm soooo happy that I went anyway! God will show up if you open the door ... He'll be there to inspire ... always!!!

Thankyou Mike for "taking the plumb line in your hand", your blog is so helpful and inspiring, I so look forward to reading your words and yes Mae it is wonderful when we open the door to God. He is awesome.

There are Hollywood Movies now that are teaching Christian principles and beliefs in a sly way. God bless them for trying. I guess one could recommend these movies to Unchristian folk or apostate and maybe they may turn the to the Lord or at least get them thinking about it. The Movies that I am thinking about are "Devil", "Faster" and "Chronicles of Narnia".

I, too, want to thank you from the heart for taking on this sometimes difficult, task. Each week when I receive your letter, I stop and pray for you, your family, and your work on this blog. Awhile back I was thinking that I needed to do something different than the one year bible plan as we are doing it. Then, lo and behold, you put on the blog about the idea of the NLT chronological bible. I have purchased my bible and have signed up for that blog for 2011. Thank you, thank you. God answered my prayer through you. Now please know how much you are appreciated. I have done the one year bible 5 times with a two year break. May God continue to guide you as you inspire others to read and study His word. Love & Hugs

I'm confused by different translations of Zechariah 4:10. When I read it in my NIV One Year Bible it says "MEN will rejoice when they see the plumb line". Reading your blog you said "the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line". So I pulled out my NKJV and it says "For these seven rejoice to see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel. They are the eyes of the Lord...." This seems like a big difference and the NIV translation doesn't seem to line up with the rest of the verse that says "these seven are the eyes of the Lord". Thank you SO MUCH for your blog. It makes me think and examine the Scriptures to see what they say. Any comments on why NIV would translate it "MEN"?

Thanks Mae, Lesley, David, Karen, mrsk for your comments today!! Really appreciate the prayers and support and encouragement of this ministry!

II appreciate your faithfulness in doing this blog. Thank you!


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