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This morning I wish to share a personal experience with you regarding Revelation 21. I know this chapter by heart but I can’t read it because of my tears. My Dad’s brother had 8 kids, 6 boys and 2 girls, and I was so close to them that I even had my own place at their kitchen table. One of the boys had been killed in Vietnam. The oldest boy J. C. had died from bone cancer and the same terminal bone cancer was taking the life of Harold, the next to youngest boy. Harold was just getting his life in order. He had gone to college late and at age 30 had just graduated with honors and a degree in Accounting and had met Donna, the girl of his dreams, when the cancer struck.

I had been to see Harold many times during his illness but we had never talked about God even though I knew he was a Christian. One night John, the youngest of the 8, showed up at my door and told me Harold was asking for me. John gave me explicit orders that I was not to talk to Harold about dying because they only wanted people to talk about him beating this disease and living. On the way out the door I reached down and picked up my Bible. Harold owned a home out of town but the family had rented an apartment close to my Aunt’s house were Harold stayed because he wanted to die at home but not in the home of any of his family. When we got to the apartment John told me to leave the Bible in the car and only talk to Harold about getting well.

By this time Harold was so weak it was hard for him to speak. He managed to say “Patsy Ray, Heaven” and I asked him if he wanted to hear about what Heaven would be like and he nodded his head yes. I went to the car and got my Bible and I read Revelation 21 to him while John stood there glaring at me. When I finished reading it Harold managed to say, “Yes, yes, again” and the tears were rolling down his face. I read and reread that chapter to him for over an hour until he finally fell asleep. By that that time Johnny was quietly sobbing. He walked me to the door and gave me a big hug. I told John that Christ was letting us know that it was time for us to talk to Harold about really living – living eternally with Christ because Christ was making ready to receive Harold. After that I went every day, sometimes twice a day, and each time I read Revelation 21 to Harold and he would always say “Again” until he drifted off.

Exactly a week later Donna and Becky, the youngest girl, were with Harold and all of the rest of us were gathered around my Aunt’s table eating a sandwich and making out a schedule for when everyone would stay with Harold as two were always with him so he would never left alone. All of a sudden I got an overwhelming urge to get to Harold immediately and got up and walked out of the house. By this time Harold was too weak to speak but he looked up at me and his eyes filled with tears. I bent down and kissed him on the forehead and told him it was okay now to let go because Christ was standing there ready to take his hand. I walked in the kitchen to pray and in less than a minute Becky came in a told me it was over – Harold was gone.

I can no longer read Revelation 21 because I can’t see the words through my tears but I carry Revelation 21 in my heart, and I know when it is time for me to meet Christ that Harold will be there with Christ to welcome me.

God bless!

A touching sharing, Pat!

Revelations21-8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
Mathew Henry's commentary: Here observe, (1.) The sins of those who perish, among which are first mentioned their cowardliness and unbelief. The fearful lead the van in this black list. They durst not encounter the difficulties of religion, and their slavish fear proceeded from their unbelief; but those who were so dastardly as not to dare to take up the cross of Christ, and discharge their duty to him, were yet so desperate as to run into all manner of abominable wickedness - murder, adultery, sorcery, idolatry, and lying. (2.) Their punishment: They have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. [1.] They could not burn at a stake for Christ, but they must burn in hell for sin. [2.] They must die another death after their natural death; the agonies and terrors of the first death will consign them over to the far greater terrors and agonies of eternal death, to die and to be always dying. [3.] This misery will be their proper part and portion, what they have justly deserved, what they have in effect chosen, and what they have prepared themselves for by their sins. Thus the misery of the damned will illustrate the blessedness of those that are saved, and the blessedness of the saved will aggravate the misery of those that are damned.
I live in a country that is run by fear and corruption but then that is the case of most people in this world. How to stay pure and holy when the very food you eat may have been purchased by corrupt means and you might have to have a blind eye because you have to eat something. It may reach the point that you have to grow the food yourself.
The bottom line is not to fear taking up the cross and following Jesus. Do not be caught up in the fear and corrupt behavior of a dieing world. If you stumble do not fear but take back up your cross again. Do not give in to the flesh or temptation or the empty promises of Satan. We are in the system but do not have to be part of it.

I'm going to say goodbye for a while. Going on my annual prayer and fast. One of my problems is media addiction so I am giving myself a very strict schedule where I am not on the net for a long period of time. As I said before, the mind is a very fragile thing. Got to keep it in check, constantly filling it with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Keep up the good work Mike. Hopefully I would be back more spirit filled.

Appreciate your testimony, Pat, thank God for his wonderful mercy and for giving us our blessed Savior. And especially His Word, the Bible, so we can look forward to our heavenly home with joy and peace. Love in Christ

Please continue to read and to share with us all of the thoughts and feelings that the Word of our God brings to us. Thank you for your Love and Caring in our Lives


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