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It is with a sense of great accomplishment and gratefulness that I comment today. A year ago I started reading the One Year Bible blog without much hope of finishing, because of the times I'd failed before. Although I skipped out most of Ezekiel because I got really behind at one stage, I got through the rest. YAY!

Knowing that there was a community of readers doing this with me, and being able to interact with you all through comments was a key ingredient for me. Thank you to all who posted.

Mike, thank you so much. Your commitment to this blog is admirable, and your humility is inspiring. I think you must be one of Jesus' heros when I see how many lives you are touching daily through your obedience to Him.

Having read the whole Bible now, I have a much better idea of God as the beginning and the end, God working through history, God unravelling His love-plan and God reaching out to us. I have a much better understanding of Israel and the Jewish nation, and how they are a precious part of the fact that I am a Christian today. Praise You, Lord for drawing near to us. Praise You for The Message.

Thank you again Mike. OYB starts each day for me; so much more inspiring than just sitting with the good Book. I give thanks to God for you.

I started a through the bible in a year program as part of a Journey discipleship group through my church. It was a challenge sometimes to grasp some of the themes and overall message, especially in the
Old Testament. It wasn't until about half way or more that I discovered the One Year Bible Blog. I cannot begin to tell the difference it has made! The commentaries and illustrations and links to related readings and articles is absolutely invaluable! I have done all this on my Iphone as well. I've used the apps for listening when I for whatever reason could not read that day, it's all here right at my fingertips. The spiritual growth and understanding I've gained this past year is probably the most significant in my 30 plus years with the Lord! It has been an amazing journey! So amazing, I'm doing it again in 2011. Let me encourage you to make the one year commitment to make time daily to read and meditate on the Lord. It will make an amazingly wonderful differece in your walk with Jesus! God Bless and Happy New Year. Thank you, Mike. I look forward to going through the word again with you in 2011.

Today I finished the OYB. I started the year and listened to the first part of the OT with Tom Dooley. A whole new appreciation when you hear the names pronounced correctly. As the year progressed I decided to read the scriptures from the Contemporary English Version. Your daily insight has helped so much. For the past 50+ years I have read the Bible daily and for many of those years followed a Bible thru the year program starting at a very young age with the King James Version and continued with other translations. This has been one of the best and each read thru ones learns so much more. Sorry I don't retain the memory verses
but that 30 - 45 minute time each day provides the strength, encouragement and peace with God to face ones daily tasks.

I understand what Mike said above about being giddy on this last day of reading! Yesterday I didn't read b/c I wanted to have more to read today as we finished up!! I have been so blessed by reading God's Word start to finish (except the few--probaby 15-20 days that I couldn't for one reason or another). I started the year by reading this blog daily as well. What it did was teach me to think while I read and as the year went on I became less dependent on the blog and just dove into God's Word.

So, if you are considering reading through the Bible this year, I say GO FOR IT!! You will be blessed. As we read in Revelation 22:17b, "Let anyone who is thirsty come. Let anyone who desires drink freely from the water of life."


Hi Mike,
Well another year has come and gone and once again I must say a big thank you for your wonderful blog. The encouragement, the insights, art work and the worship have all been part of my day for a few years now. It feels like we are great friends Mike, and I speak of you to my friends like I know you well, although we have never personally met!
I can no longer imagine my day without it starting being in God's Word. It has blessed me and kept me focused. Countless times God's Word, or your comments Mike has spoken directly to something I have been grappling with.
I wish the Lord's blessing on you and your wife this coming year Mike. I will be joining you over at the Chronological Bible Blog, and am excited to get started!
Also a thank you to those who have posted your comments, as I have found lots of wonderful insights from each of you.
Ramona, although I do not know you personally either, I have loved reading your comments, and I feel like you and I are friends as well, and wish you the Lord's richest blessing in 2011. (Mike could you say thank you to her for me?)
And for all who come here:
Jude 1:24 & 25 Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.

Mike, this has been a very full year for me. I am so glad that I found the OYB blog at the end of December last year. I have recommeneded it to so many of my friends. It has made reading the Bible very systematic and doable. I am a pastor's wife and many of the ladies in our congregation are new to the faith. (completely new) with NO church background whatsoever. The ones that would listen found that reading the blog and reading the scriptures was absolutely the easiest thing they have done. It has been discipline, but they have been incredibly blessed. I have seen two of them grow in God so much this year. I just want you to know that on days that you struggle, remember the name...Jen. She is a great source of encouragement for me and if you knew her and her testimony it might make the tough days a little easier. My ladies and I are going to join you at the Chronological Blog starting tomorrow :) We are excited to see what God will do in 2011.
Blessings to you and to all my fellow laborers.


I am glad I discovered OYB through Facebook, although I opted out of FB to spend more time outdoors and enjoy people's interaction. Thank you.

I read the Upper Room daily for meditation and still do. However, when I started OYB, I realized that although I meditate with inspiration from the Upper Room, I learned and grew more reading the Bible through the end. I still have more learning and growing up in my faith so I will continue in 2011.

I like your advice, if we miss a day or 2 or we are away and no access to OYB, we should not be discourage and pick up the day we are back. That's what I did and then I was able to move on.

Commentaries from the faithful like Ramona, Frederick, David, Pat and Jen to name a few provided inspiration and understanding for me. Thank you.

Through out the reading if there is only one thing we could take or remember is that "God is never changing with HIS love for us, sending JESUS to atone us from our sins and waiting for us to embrace HIS presence (the HOLY SPIRIT) and HIS mercies". God never gives up on us as HE showed during the Old & New Testament times and at present.

I love the picture you posted of the new heaven. I could picture God's saints and loved ones who left the earth to be in the Eternal City.

John 3:16 "For GOD so love the world that HE gave HIS only SON that whosoever believe in HIM will not perish but have everlasting life".

May we all look forward to HOPE, PEACE and LOVE in 2011.

God Bless.


Thanks Mike for your faithfulness to our LORD and the ministry of this blog. I have enjoyed my time in the WORD and the insights of the blog. Looking forward to 2011, growing more in the knowledge of HIM.

Thank you!
God Bless

I am new to this blog and plan on reading through the bible with you in 2011. I have just finished reading the bible through for the third time. However, what was missing from my last reading is the interaction of others doing the same reading and so I am very!!!! excited about getting an even deeper understanding from others similar readings.

I read todays verses and I am convicted of my own need to value Holiness!!! I am not sure that I in my life show how much I value Holiness by actually --praising God (Psalm 150), Giving my tithe to God in fullness ( I think the tithe is first monetary, but also our ownselves), Then living and valueing a holy life as defined in Psalm 31 - One of my favorite verses in the bible.

Have my NLT chronological bible all ready and also the book you recommended, "Words From The Fire". My bookmark on you new blog for this version. I am so excited to receive a new perspective from the word that will be refreshing for 2011. Have read the one year bible with you for 7 years now and knowing how much I have grown, also see great growth in you. Thank you so very much for your inspiration, insight, links, pictures and music. God Bless You, Mike, and like others, I feel like I know you, you are a wonderful friend in Christ. May 2011 bring more and more people to the saving grace of Christ. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family. Love & Hugs, Karen


Thank you, thank you, so much for what you do. I've always wanted to read the bible (man some of the old testament was tough to get through) and thanks to you I finally did it! Missed a few days, but just went back to the calendar and caught right back up on the days I missed! I stuck with it through the entire year and I'm ready to do it again starting tomorrow!

Again thank you so much for your ministry! You do a wonderful job and I pray you will continue on! God Bless you always and a very Happy New Year!


Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your 2010 readings. I am so excited to tell everyone, I never missed one day. I have been so blessed with the teachings and lessons I have learned. I am anxious to follow the Chronological readings for 2011.

Have a Blessed New Year.....

Dear Mike,

One year ago I started reading with OYB with the dream of reading through the bible. As the year progressed, I found it more and more challenging to stay caught up. I decided to purchase the OYB and companion book and removed all excuses for reading. Your blog has added dimension and additional insight to my reading. Even the links to the daily readings were helpful, I used them to listen to most of Levitius and other difficult chapters. Basically, having all these resources helped me overcome challenges as they came up.

You have helped me achieve a life long goal of reading the bible and I am so grateful for you. THANK YOU!

Reading has become such a regular part of my life that I can't imagine not reading again this year. I'm thinking of going chronological but haven't completely made up my mind. At any rate, I'll be along with you one way or the other.

Hi Mike

Even though I am still a few weeks behind schedule in my readings, this journey has been very rewarding and I take this opportunity to thank you and all those who contributed in the comments sections for making this journey possible as I have tried reading on my own before but never with such discipline...I pray that God will continue to bless you and your ministry and all that would come to read and share on this blog...I feel fullfilled as this was something I have always wanted to do...I will definitely be taking the journey come 2011 [as well as finish my 2010 readings] the only thing is that I am trying to decide whether to do the Chronological this time around :)...I know all the glory goes to God Mike but may God continue to keep you humble and bless you for you are indeed a blessing!!

Thanks to you Mike, I have actually read thru the entire Bible in a year! I didn't think it was possible for me to do but it helped having your blog and the comments from all the others to help me understand some of the Old Testament. I am a fairly new Christian (although I was baptized as a kid) I just recently renewed my faith in Christ and am trying to live up to His standards! Thanks again for this blog and I will be joining again tomorrow on the Chronological Bible! I am excited to see how that goes! Bless you and your family in the upcoming new year!

This year marks the 23rd time to read the Bible through. What a blessing! I have learned that the Bible is quick and powerful and always relevant. If I were to read it 100 times there will always be something new and fresh to discover. I intend to continue reading the Bible through each year for the rest of my life. All praise and glory to God, forever and ever!

Mike, this was such a wonderful journey thru the Bible. I thank you for offering this on FB where I first discovered OYB.

I "grew" so much in my spiritual walk this past year. It is amazing what reading the bible from Genesis to Revelation did to my spirit. I read and understood more about the Bible than ever before in my 66 years. Thanks for the information, added videos, comments, book suggestions and art work that you include in the outline of the daily readings, it truly adds so much to this journey. This has been an experience that has brought me closer and given me more knowledge about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I humbly thank you!!!

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