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Mike-You ask a tough question and if I were to give you an answer off of the top of my head, I would say, “Certainly, if given the opportunity and asked to lead I would lead just like Joseph, but alas I don’t think that is true. I have heard it said that a really great leader knows how to lead because he learned his leadership craft in serving others. So I think the question should first be, “Have I learned how to serve others with joy even in the dungeon?”

“If the purpose of a thing is not understood abuse is inevitable.” Quote from Myles Monroe author of the book, “Pursuit of Purpose.”

Truthfully it can only be in the role of a servant that one would learn the purpose of leadership and it would take great wisdom to weald that power with an eye for the Big Picture and not ones own personal agenda. Great leaders cannot rule from a place of pain or resentments they may have developed while in servitude. A great leader would have to operate in forgiveness. A great leader would have to be a great servant. I don’t think I’ve been that great of a servant, in fact I’ve been a lousy one.

Grace and peace, she said, with a lot of self-reflection to do during the day.


Sometimes you have to give up the hard things for the Kingdom of Heaven too, like family. Sometimes it is just for a season, but other times leaving our old life behind for good is necessary. But, not so bad when you remember the Lord is all you need!

This part of of Joseph's story shows that Joseph is not perfect. His happiness and anger of being reunited with his family shows all too well of how human he is. Those of us who have ever gone through family struggles will know that the hardest to forgive are the own members of one's family as well as the greatest source of joy! Joseph lack of perfection makes me relate to the story more, that an ordinary Joe like Joseph could overcome temptation and struggles to walk with God, in poverty and riches. The guy is a great example to follow. Obviously he is a great leader. The question is, do we have what it takes?

An interesting question in deed Mike. I would suspect that even in that day there were people, Egyptians and Israelites, that didn't think Joseph deserved to be placed in such high authority. This always happens in any leadership role. Those jealous or envious of the 'power' always look for ways to tear down others. I know for my self that God has promoted me over the last several years in my job not because of what I've done, but because of what he has done through me. As God blesses us with more, because he does want us to prosper, there will always be that temptation, like the rich young ruler, to hold on to what we think it ours when in fact we are just stewards of the blessings, gifts and talents that the Lord has provided for us.
My prayer is to continue to stay in the word and remain humble. A disciple of Christ should be known for Stewardship, Student of the Word, Serving of others, a Saint and most important a Soul Winner!

Wow, Mike, I, like the rest don't know if I could fit into Joseph's shoes back in those days or remain humble and strong amongst the circumstances he dealt with on the fact of being sold and taken from family and sold into slavery, then being a servant in the household of Potipher, then unjustly after 11 yesars being imprisoned and abandoned by "others" supposed friends and colleagues for 2 years to later be redeemed and 2nd in command of governor over the land of Egypt basically, very powerful!!I am studying a book with my life group coming up this week entitled, Why you act the way you do: by Tim Lahaye. It talks about temperament, and how the way you act and behave is related to all these different characteristics of temperament and how to look from outside in and reveal some things about yourself and maybe not elliminate all of your weaknesses, but definitely work on building stronger characteristics and improving the attitude and temperament to become a better you. I think until we re evaluate ourselves and realize we are sinners and nothing with out Christ, then we will constantly be suspended by the "thorn in our flesh". Just like Paul, he said, the thing I don't want to do, I do, and the thing I want to do, I don't do. Lord, help us to continually crucify the flesh and look to you with our mind, body and soul!! Thank You Jesus!

Joseph and the Prophet Daniel have Similar Situations. we see God Gave Josepth the Gift of Interpriting Dreams. and we see God gave this Ability to Daniel aswell

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