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Genesis 46:1-47:31

What I have learned in today’s reading is this, God can come along, change my name after I wrestle with Him, and prevail; however, afterwards, I may act like a “Jacob” but He, God, will still call me Israel. God is a God of His Word even though I may not be a woman of my word.

SO ISRAEL made his journey with all that he had and came to Beersheba [a place hallowed by sacred memories] and offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac. [Gen. 21:33; 26:23-25.] And God spoke to Israel in visions of the night, and said, Jacob! Jacob! And he said, Here am I. And He said, I am God, the God of your father; do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will there make of you a great nation.
(Genesis 46:1-3 AMP)

I can be given a promise and after having waited and waited for it to be fulfilled, afraid that I will die before I see it happen, God will always come back to confirm His Word while He comforts me with these words, “Do not be afraid” (46:3). God will fulfill His promises in the environment He has chosen and in the “nation” He decides.

I very much appreciate your adding the song links to each days reading. It definately enriches me and is something I look forward to.

I teach a Sunday School class and today's lesson is on Christian Ethics. Our readings today are some of the same scriptures that are used in our class. In Psalm we learn how God's word is a light to our eyes and it is our guide to knowing God and understanding what He would have us do. It is the Bible that is the ultimate guide on how we act ethically.
One of the standards of Christian ethics is the traditions of the church as recorded in Acts. However we are also learning that we need to be aware of the traditions that are not what God would have us follow. In Matthew we learn that there are some traditions that are self serving as was the case for the Pharisees. It was important for them to have the money that should have been spent for the care if the parents.
I just love this journey through the Bible. It is especially awesome when it connects so closely with the lesson that I am teaching.

I love Psalm 19. It flows smoothly from speaking of how God's creation testifies about Him to speaking of His moral law. The natural laws studied by science and the moral laws of philosophy and ethics are all part of His law. He is the Creator of all.

I have had that proverbs verse conveyed to me four times this week in many ways.
Too many times we think the path of christianity is bumpy and frought with danger and stumbling blocks. It's not it's a free path that is bright and clear and we can race down it knowing that God guides and leads us along.
I'm sharing this in case others feel the same way. Faith is not a struggle/should not be. Relax and follow God and he will guide your footsteps. Let go of self perfection and self righteousness. The work and the battle is God's.

What touched me today is Proverbs don't get on the path of sin. It spoke a warning that the path of sin is the easy path, the wide path, the path of no reflection, no internal battle. Sin is waiting like a tiger to attack. Follow the path of light led by God, it is difficult, personally challenging and full of peace, light, and grace.

I am new to this eb-site and enjoy it so much. I'd like to know where that Scripture is the one you listed in Proverbs "guard our hearts,for this is the wellspring of life"
Thak you and God Bless.

Joseph was in that position to start with because he possessed knowledge that few of us have. We must remember that the people were bringing their cattle, horses, and other livestock in exchange for grain but guess what, the animals had to be fed too. What more skillful way than to have the people return a fifth of their crop so that animals and people could continue to eat throughout the famine!

Yes, I really try to think carefully about the words that come out of my mouth and meditate more on Godly things, because I want it to be well with what comes out of the abundance of my heart! I was reading in Genesis today and thinking about how it would have been neat to hear of the blessings that Jacob spoke to Pharoah not once but twice, I'm sure they would have been awesome! I love the way that Jesus tells the disciples about the Pharisees and how to not give them much regards to the truth is not in them basically. I like the way that Jesus teaches basically of wolf in sheeps clothing. We have to stand guard and be careful not to get wrapped up in religious acts that have nothing to do with relationship with the Lord. Thank You Jesus for the Truth that sets us free! May those who have ears to hear, let them hear, and eyes to see let them see!

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