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Exodus 2:11-3:22

I will probably come back to Mike question/thought of the day this evening, but know I need to address something I’ve just seen in the text, two things, that I’ve never considered before.

Moses, knowing he was adopted, seeing the life he had led as an adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter, and seeing the life of his biological people, chose to identify with slaves although he had not completely thrown off the comforts of being raised in the household of Pharaoh. Got used his act of murder to begin the removal of his identification to the palace and his privilege, He kicked him out of the “boat.” Moses also must have understood or knew his purpose as Israel’s deliver; however, he didn’t have a clue on how that was to be achieved.

I think many of us have some inkling, some vision, of what our purpose is; however, because we don’t know how that is to be fulfilled, we go off and do our own thing and mess up royally. We then don’t set goals (see Jan. 24th) because we are afraid to mess up again. Based on Moses’ story we see that God can have us go at least forty years to get the Egypt out of us although we are out of Egypt.

I also now think that Moses’ reluctance to go back to Egypt and lead his people out was not based on some self-perceived speech impediment, but based on his knowledge that he was a murderer. Even after forty years, people have long memories and I’m sure if someone in the palace committed murder, even if the people around at the time die off, the records would clearly record that even. After all inquiring minds want to know. People love to see the might fall. Hmmm!

Grace and peace,

What I am always convicted by is Moses' faith. I kind of gloss over that God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let Isreal go. Moses had a choice to not do that. Instead he chose to act. This connects back to Mathew 17:20 "Because you have little faith, if you had the faith of mustard seed you can tell that mountain to move and it will, with faith nothing is impossible." It is not Moses' skill, but his faith that delivers Isreal. Do I have the faith of mustard seed, do I really believe what the Bible states, I pray for faith.

One note can someone explain. I read NIV and King James parallel bible and it says that Moses saved the daughters of Reull and then further on states that Moses was tending the flock of his father-in-law Jethro. Is Reull and Jethro the same person or were the daughters he saved different from the Zipporah's father. If anyone can explain.

i did not get January 26th reading emailed to me today.

I did not get January 26th devotions emailed to me yesterday.

Jennifer, I wondered, too, whether Jethro and Reuel were one and the same. Here is the footnote from NetBible.org:

The name “Reuel” is given here. In other places (e.g., chap. 18) he is called Jethro (cf. CEV, which uses “Jethro” here). Some suggest that this is simply a confusion of traditions. But it is not uncommon for ancients, like Sabean kings and priests, to have more than one name. Several of the kings of Israel, including Solomon, did. “Reuel” means “friend of God.”

My comment is about Genesis 22, when Isaac asked Abraham where was the lamb for sacrifice? It stired up my faith, because it reminded me that we don't have to explain what God is doing with us or what he has told us to do, we just have to believe it and obey. That is what all the people who stories we read about had to learn. We don't start using words to explain away his purpose for us, just obey. So we must watch our words and choose them carefully when we have to give a response as Abraham did.

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