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Exodus 5:22-7:25

We are a people of comfort and status quo. No matter how miserable we are in a comfortable place, we find comfort in our misery. I believe the plagues and Pharaoh’s stubbornness were needed to challenge the Egyptians’ gods but also to set up both Egypt and Israel to disengage from each other. Israel had to become a stench in the nostrils of Egypt and Israel needed to become reacquainted with the power of their God. God was making sure bridges were being burned.

Being oppressed and or being in slavery destroys self-initiative because a hopelessness sets in and then one develops a sick heart (Proverbs 13:12). When your heart is sick, blood circulation is hindered and the “body” doesn’t “act” the way it is suppose to. So, not only was it necessary to bring Egypt to her knees, Israel had to move from the mindset of a slave to one of freedom. Freedom isn’t free and requires a purchase price of responsible mind. But freedom means you become aware of your value to yourself, to others and most definitely your value to God.

Moving from welfare/dole, being enslaved or dependent on the government requires one to believe that there are gifts, talents, and abilities inside that can make one sufficient. Many times that means one has to get in touch with God to discover the gift God has placed within and how to use that gift in the market place. I know about moving from welfare to work and what it takes to cross that divide, courage. However, usually, that courage comes by way of crises.

Grace and peace,

As for divorce, I know it is explicitly condemned in the Bible, and as with all sin, God has plenty of good reasons why. I say this as a divorced person, and a Christian: God's Word is never wrong, and it is for our higher good in every single case, no matter how it "looks" to us at the time. I am married for the second time (for 16 years this time, and going strong!) and am grateful to God for my wonderful husband.

HOWEVER, what I have learned through the years, is just that marriage is not one's salvation, and I honestly believe that most divorces (and mine) can be averted when at least one person in the marriage keeps his/her eyes firmly fixed on Jesus. I did not do so, and ended up divorced. Many of the same things that were troubling in my first marriage have been trouble in my current marriage, and I believe would also have been present in my 15th or 16th. Why? Because I will always be a sinner, married to a fellow sinner.

I do wonder (and search scripture diligently) to learn more about God's views on marriage and divorce . I have truly repented (and even sent my ex-husband a long letter of apology, detailing my part in our failed marriage and asking forgiveness), but because I am human, there are always niggles of doubts about how forgiven I am. I know God puts sin as far as East is from West, but yet, I have a hard time getting my arms around that fact.

Lastly, I love the daily readings, and am excited and challenged by this forum.

something i noticed and got this time around was that although God revealed himself to Abraham, Isaac and jacob, it was Moses that He identified himself as The great "I AM". Yahweh. I think that was great and very reassuring to Moses. I too, oppose marriage..not in condemnation of anyone, I just realized along time ago, that if you don't even acknowledge the word: divorce, then that will not be an option or an escape to allow the enemy to trap your mind in. because I truly believe it first gets thought or sin becomes in your mind first before acted on, that is why we have to renew our mind daily with the Word of God, and crucify the flesh. we are just humans and not perfect, but we are made perfect and blameless through the cleansing blood of Jesus !! We have to realize what our position is and who we are, joint heirs with Jesus, prince and princess of a King! God Bless!!


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