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Some wondering thoughts:

2398 Strongs’ Numbering System
BDB (Brown-Driver-Briggs’ Hebrew Definitions):
1) to sin, miss, miss the way, go wrong, incur guilt, forfeit, purify from uncleanness

Unintentional sin not planned sin, very interesting. These sacrifices and rituals were designed for the “stuff” that happens along the way. Since we are creatures that hate to admit we “missed the mark,” so to speak, a person would have to operate in “Truth” to realize that they have missed it BEFORE the consequences show up in ones’ life or the life of the community. All sin gives fruit to its own rewards. To have a life rooted in Truth one must deal truthfully with oneself and not be restrained by what family, community, country and “Church” thinks. Many jobs require inventories, even if it is only of supplies, material and human resource; but how often do we take an inventory of ourselves based on the standard and rule of God’s Laws? It is not about what others say, or even ourselves, it is about what God says. Anything else is sin.

I also understand that one can know the Truth, but that doesn’t mean one applies Truth rightly. Like soap, Truth, the Word, does you no good unless applied according to directions.

Grace and peace,

As I reflect on today's reading in the old testament and then compared it with the new testament reading what I was struck by is the requirement in both that we live a reflective and as Ramona said truthful life. When we sin we must confess, even unintentionally, and if we hold like the Pharisee to not looking at the truth of what was happening before them then we are destined to die.

In my life I hope that I look with truth at my actions and immediately seek forgiveness for sin, but also seek forgiveness from those who I have hurt.

However, in my 42 years I have really never had someone come to me and say, I am sorry I acted against you will you forgive me. I am going to do this and see if it freaks people out. I want to confess my sin to the people I hurt and seek forgiveness from them.

Leviticus 4:1-5:19

The readings today in Leviticus bring to mind the sharp contrast of dealing with sin today (New Testament) verses dealing with sin in the Old Testament days. In Leviticus we see very picturesquely the way sin was dealt with. Thanks to Brian at today’s Daily Audio Bible Broadcast, what struck me was the connection of the sin committed with the sacrifice of blood while witnessing the transfer of sin from the sinner to the animal. Even for small sins, the sinner sees an animal die for the sin they committed. By contrast it is easy for us to confess a small sin before the Lord today and not fully see the reality of the cost of that sin. We take for granite the Lord’s faithfulness to forgive us but maybe if we saw more clearly the cost of our sin we might take a more serious approach to resisting it the next time the temptation arises. I love the meat from the Old Testament (law) when integrated with the meat of the New Testament (grace); together they increase our faith, our faithfulness and obedience.

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