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Leviticus 6-7:27

O.K. something must have been lost in the translation. How does one do the following unintentionally:

If anyone sins and commits a trespass against the Lord and deals falsely with his neighbor in a matter of deposit given him to keep, or of bargain or pledge, or of robbery, or has oppressed his neighbor, Or has found what was lost and lied about it, or swears falsely, in any of all the things which men do and sin in so doing, Then if he has sinned and is guilty, he shall restore what he took by robbery, or what he secured by oppression or extortion, or what was delivered him to keep in trust, or the lost thing which he found,
(Leviticus 6:2-4 AMP)

If a guilt offering is offered for “unintentional” sin, how can what is being described in this above passage be considered unintentional? Something MUST have been lost/missed in translating the Hebrew to English. How can one be devious and not know that what you are doing is wrong? The mere fact that people cover up their deeds with lies and “smoke” and “mirrors” gives witness to the fact that they knew that what they did was wrong. Maybe the “unintentional” refers to unintentional until I am “busted” or caught by someone else or my conscience.

In reading several translations of Leviticus 5:14-19, which is right above the King James Translation makes a little more sense; however, the passage states that this “guilt” or trespass offering is for those who have “ignorance of the holy things.”

And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying, If a soul commit a trespass, and sin through ignorance, in the holy things of the LORD; then he shall bring for his trespass unto the LORD a ram without blemish out of the flocks, with thy estimation by shekels of silver, after the shekel of the sanctuary, for a trespass offering: (Leviticus 5:14-15 KJV)

Yet, after hearing the Law, how can one plead ignorance? Beware OYB journeymen and women the more you read, the more you are held accountable for and the less you can claim “ignorance.”

While I chew on the above, I am pleasantly surprised to have confirmed for me that sin and trespass are not one and the same, a trespass is a sin but all sin is not a trespass. According to my friend, Mr/Dr. Strong the Hebrew word translated into our English is:

From H4608; treachery, that is, sin: - falsehood, grievously, sore, transgression, trespass, X very.

Grace and peace,

I just want to share that when I read the Leviticus chapters last night, I was staggered by the amount of blood that had to be shed for the atonement of sins, and how difficult the priests' work must have been, day in and day out, year in and year out. And then, when the Lord Jesus fulfilled His mission on earth, the sacrifice for the atonement of sins was completed and made perfect once and for all time. No more spilling of animal blood for sins, which the Israelites have been doing for generations and hundreds of years. The implications of it all just overwhelmed me, and without thinking about it I just went face down on the floor in worship to God.

And then, when I read the Leviticus reading for the day, I was struck by the part where the priest who offered the sin offering gets to eat the rest of the animal as his portion. It brought to my mind a part of the New Testament (I think it's from the gospel of John chapter 6, sorry I'm getting way ahead of our readings) where the Lord Jesus said that He gives his flesh to eat, that his flesh is true food, but many of His disciples said it was hard teaching and left. I was wondering how the teaching could be hard, when it had already been foreshadowed by the priests for generations. But then it goes back to the gospel of Matthew which says that their hearts are hard, that they hear but do not listen. I hope and pray that we do listen, and that our hearts do turn to God.

A good book on Holy Spirit, or being a prayer warror that I have and read on is: Derek Prince, Secrets Of A Prayer Warrior. Good read. I love being in Psalm 37 today. Good stuff..Our Pastor just did a series on the Psalm 37, about resting in the Lord! Are you resting, am I resting? Is resting important in the Lord and to the believer? I believe so..I often wandered about the section in NT where the disciples went to the garden to be "watchmen" while Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. He kept telling the disciples to stay awake, to pray up, lest they be tempted, or give into temptation. They kept going to sleep. They didn't understand or realize what Jesus was about to bear, or comprehend the cup of bitterness that Jesus was about to drink from, however, when in Jesus' presence, His peace is on us. You can't help but "rest" in the Lord. I think that is why the disciples kept nodding off. While Jesus was in turmoil with the decision he made to take our sins, nonetheless, Gods will and not his..the desciples still had the peace that surpasses all understanding amidst them because Jesus provided the peace on all that was amongst Him...He is Peace, Love, Rest!!! Praise ye to the One that gives us Rest and Calmness within the storm!!

Psalm 37:1-11

This is such a wonderful Psalm, it’s all about surrender. The first 11 verses walk us through a snapshot of God’s plan for us. He doesn’t want us to worry or be anxious in this world even though it’s full of evil, greed and corruption, on the contrary, He wants us to realize that it will soon be gone because like grass it soon withers. This Psalm reminds us to put our trust in Him and live the way He has taught us through His word, resting in the fact that He will keep us safe. We are to abide, delight and trust in Him knowing that He will give us the desires of our heart.

We are to let Him shine through us, so that there is no darkness in us, just the wonderful light of His presence. He wants us to be still and patient and not worry when things don’t unfold right away as we think they should, He often takes us via the Scenic Tour. He wants us to be at peace with ourselves, not stressing over anything and not to fall into the trap of being angry because anger is just that, a trap. He will take care of all of those things for us, we are to cling to the fact that He is in control and will destroy evil and make things perfect. As we humble ourselves before Him, put our trust in Him, we are assured that peace and prosperity are our inheritance.

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