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What Nadab and Abihu did was an act of deliberate sin made because they felt they could either rely on their own ability to start the fire or that their power from being a priest would enhance the power of God. Either they saw no reason to keep the altar fire burning as instructed in 6:12-13 because they knew they could easily relight it themselves which is probably what happened - or - the fire was still as burning as instructed but they decided that their priestly positions gave them power equal to the power of God which they demonstrated by adding their own additional fire to the altar. In either case God punished them by consuming them with fire.

Aaron had just seen his two oldest sons and his two remaining sons Elezar and Ithamar had just seen their brothers burned to ashes. Moses instructed the three of them not to leave the tabernacle to grieve with the people or to tear their clothes or let their hair go uncombed as a sign of mourning because they were to continue performing their priestly duty of offering sin sacrifices to God on behalf of the people and they did as were instructed. They did not turn their backs on God or refuse to perform their duties. However, after they burned the sin offering for their own sin and the sins of the people, they did not eat the meat as instructed. Moses approached them angrily demanding to know why they didn’t eat the meat. Aaron basically explained to Moses that they had done all they were suppose to do except they were to upset to eat after just watching Nadab and Abihu having been burned to a crisp, and then Moses understood and had compassion on them.

This is comforting to me because just as Moses had compassion when he realized how much Aaron, Elezar and Ithamar were hurting, Christ has compassion for us when we are deeply upset or hurting. God knows and considers what is taking place in our hearts. There are times when we hurt too deeply to pray and the Holy Spirit intervenes for us during those times. There are times when we have such pressing matters going on in our lives that even though we read the Scripture we are not aware of what we read, but God knows we are doing the best that we can do at that time. There are times when for some reason or another we cannot make ourselves enter the door of the church, but God still loves us and stays with us.

God bless!

I find the need to remind myself to wait for God. I thik of Psalm 37:7 Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him:...

I think the analogy of farming is appropriate. We have to be willing to work long hours, to sacrifice for the crop and know that in Gods time we will reap what has been sown.

I am reading "A Walk Across the Room" by Hiebel and it is a great book about personal evangelism. The point of it is to take chances, build relationships with everyone for they are Gods children, pray for the Holy Spirit to use your life to the benefit of others walk. We do not know the impact on another persons life of a kind word, a helping hand, or any simple act, but if we are available to God his will and path for us will be done.

We may never see the crop, but if we are faithful then it will be more abundant than we can imagine.

Thank u for the comment on Moses compassion on Aaron et el.Sometimes we hurt and we do not even realise it.Only the fruit of that pain is evidenced in other areas of our lives.But God comes and through a simple teaching like this brings light on the the root of our actions.Which he has done for me tonight.
Thank you so much for helping me see that.
God bless you.

Mark 4:26-32 The parables of the growing seed and the mustard seed

Jesus speaks of the parable of the growing seed followed by yet another parable, the mustard seed. He spoke in farming terms because most of them understood farming. It’s interesting that Jesus spoke to them in terms they understood (farming) but spoke in parables they couldn’t understand. When you think about it, it makes sense and isn’t a contradiction. The parable which they didn’t understand is like the seed (we don’t understand how it works) no one really understands how a tiny acorn becomes a mighty oak tree.

Jesus spoke in parables sometimes because He knew that would not be able is accept what he was saying at the time He was saying it and like the seed it would germinate in their minds over time, kind of like the subconscious mind mulling it over without really thinking about it. The growing seed is like this, we do nothing but plant it and as we sleep it continues to work developing just as it was created to do. The mustard seed caught my eye regarding the birds lodging in its branches, our property has lots of mustard seed growing on it around the avocado grove and it never gets much bigger than waist high and never strong enough to support a bird or a nest.

I read several commentaries on the mustard seed and though it speaks of what develops from a small amount of faith into something very large (speaking of the church) the birds lodging in the branches is unnatural and symbolizes something that has grown beyond the size it was suppose to grow and has been infiltrated by evil. What started as a small home fellowship in some cases has grown to mega status churches that have lost their way and are not what God intended when planted.

We have to wait on the Lord for the answers to prayer. This is one of the hardest lessons to learn for God's children. We have to be like Abraham and be willing to be even a hundred years old before we get the carnal desires of our heart. In the meantime, we have to just trust in God that He knows the desires of our heart. Imagine the wisdom Abraham must have accrued already to be able to pass on to his son, Isaac by the time he was born. Often young parents have children and don't really know how to teach them and show them a proper example. By the time Isaac was born, and grown a little, Abraham had enough faith in God to even offer him on an altar to the Lord. Imagine what message of faith this must have taught to Isaac. Abraham was not even granted the promised land except one patch of ground with which to bury his wife Sarah, but he was looking for another city. When the hopes and dreams we seek in this world are not realized, we can not seek them on our own terms, but become more aquainted with God while waiting, and as the song goes,
Turn your eyes unto Jesus,
Look full on his wonderful face,
And the things of the earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of his glory and grace

Give yourself to excelling in His word and in the ministry and evangelization of the Gospel when you are wearied in waiting for the things of the earth. God bless you!

I agree that the mustard tree harboring the birds is not a terribly positive development.

i must admit that once i read that God burnt Nadab and Abihu i was in shock. Leviticus has been pretty the same tune then that just happened and i just couldnt believe it. i asked a pal who i am doing the 1 yr year bible what they thought about it and they too could not come up with an answer. i think that simply put, if God has personally hand picked you and given you specific instructions, keep to them especially as they regarded the holiness of the tabernacle. think we should all respect Holy ground. When we are in church we should realize exactly where we are and in whose presence we are in. i was just amazed that God could do that.
and i am one who lives on seeking instant gratification and i realize this is sooo wrong. I pray that i change my ways and that i wait for the fruits that God and Jesus have planted in me to ripen fully. its my 1st year doing the one year bible and i thank you for what you are doing Mike.

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