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I was so happy to also start the book of John. I started reading it, and then stopped. Then started over again reading it outloud. there is so much power in the words of this book.

When I think of Jephthah and his daughter it grips my heart. I do believe we are talking about "she will never know a man or carry a child." I remember studing this years ago, and my studies took me to Gen. 3 and the promised Savior, She would never be the one to be in the linage of Chist. As we look back on the promise she looked forward to the promise. It was a real reproach not to have a child born of your womb.
In Christ Patty

Hi, just wanted to say that I am still on board with the One Year Bible Study. Have not missed a day..Just have had a lot of other work that has kept me busy from blogging. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting in the Word each and every day this year. Have had lots of insight and understanding throughout the last 7 old testament reads, and halfway through Psalms, and a portion of Proverbs. I too am glad of reading the book of John..it is always a very good compassionate chapter of the relationship of John and our Saviour Jesus Christ. Also, I too was sad to see the fate of Jephthah's daughter, and too hope that she didn't get burned or destroyed, however, like Patty said it was a harsh approach for a woman, healthy and beautiful as I presume she was, a real "catch" to be refused to marry, or have a child, and to not be able to carry on Jephthah's lineage. Yes, definitely be careful with what we say aloud. However, I admire Jephthah with being one of the few men who did as he said and being a man of his word. Yes, Laughter is great and wonderful medicine for the soul! However, knowing that we have the grace of God and His mercy, a New Mercy every day brings that peace and that joy that is above all else!

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