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I truly believe that God's perfect timing is always at work. Many times, we take for granted what happens in our lives without realizing that it was in God's timing that things happen or does not happen in our lives. The very obvious perfect timing in my life is the discovery of my lung cancer on a routine physical check-up. For 3 weeks before the check-up I was having pain piercing from my back which I mentioned to my doctor who in turn ordered a chest x-ray. I never smoke nor drink so this is one illness was a surprise for me. God's timing was perfect since the cancer is in it's early stage. I am under remission for 2 years now. Thanks be to God.

This also taught me not to ignore what our body says and especially ignore God's nudging in our lives.

Morning is also my best time to spend with God, reading the Upper Room, Oe Year Bible Blog & praying. I just pray that I be mor attentive to God's voice through the day.

Thank you Mike for this blog.

God bless.


the mornings are always so full of beauty..I am amazed at the work of God and how he allows me to wake each morning and go from room to room to check on my family who I have found are safe and happy...and yes God has always shown me that he is always on time..maybe we are to impatient at times for resolution to our problems...but we must remember all good things do take time.....I pray that I will be able to use wisdom and the Holy Spirit will fill m heart and soul on a dailey basis..God Bless my computer family


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