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I am not sure of the "rough and gruff" aspect of our personalities. This is something good to think about. We dealt with bullying at our school this year, and part of the teaching was working with the 98% who are not the bully or the bullied. The 98% who observe it, stand by and do nothing. I think of that saying (loose paraphrase) "All that it takes for evil to flourish, is that good men stand by and do nothing." This reminds me that we should always resist oppression or evil, and not just stand by wrigning our hands.

Does this mean that we may need to be "rough and gruff" at times? I really don't know!

For myself, I can honestly say that most of the times I have been "rough and gruff" especially with my children, are sin on my part. But possibly, there is a time to be "rough and gruff" in standing up for the gospel? I would welcome others' thoughts.

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