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being able to retouch some of the areas of our lives we sometimes leave behind and get some resolution from reading the word of our
God....I find it a blessing to be able to reach out and have someone there to help me through the readings ..thank you all my brothers and sisters in this wonderful journey....love janice

Being retouch w/ the word of God is honestly great. Looking forward for more and w/ higher aim that I can always manage my time in reading the word of God. To prioritize it is my prayer to be w/ you in the journey, Thank you Bible Blog that there are changes in areas of my life through reading it.Luv Bob

Thank you so much for Bible Blog I so enjoy this each day. This is my second year of reading along with you and I pray for many more. You are gifted in this area Mike and it is such a blessing for all of us to be in this journey with you.

Love Lesley

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