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For those who are batteling sexual sin, I found an excellant web site: The site offers information, scripture and some very good resources. I had to print this information out for my husband, please pray for him. Internet porn is not something to take lightly.

Bible Blog is so helpful but today it is extra extra special. Thank you so much Mike it really touched my heart.

Blessings Lesley

I was on the computer this morning at 6am looking at free Spanish lessons for our son for home school, two Spanish songs mentioned Doves carrying the souls of man, cooing, singing. And today's reading says that man mourns like the dove. Another song said "be careful, very careful you hold my heart in your hands. Yes, God does, but what about us mothers, fathers, teachers, coaches, etc. Do we realize the worth of a soul. I think my Father is teaching me today something of that worth - repenting of not seeing it that way - of seeing that I held their little hearts in my hand for a season, and a lot, most of the time I chose making things work in the world over making sure that their hearts, souls were cared for. Now my 3 sons are 16, 18 and 26. I can still pray, but my influence over them is not what is once was. I just pray they trust the Jesus that I told them about and can realize in my weakness/selfishness I did not mean to hurt them. Only one perfect parent, right? He holds our hearts in His faithful, loving hands and whether we are singing or mourning He abides with us still. Never leaves, never chooses this world system over His dearly beloved.

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