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"I will be honest - it's not always easy to get motivated for typing in this blog each evening. Most days I am motivated - but not always. Sometimes I just have to "take the plumb line in my hand" - get started with the typing - and God shows up...." ~ I know what you mean, there are days that I hardly have time to read the verses for the day. Then I think to myself "When and where am I going to do the readings???!!!". And somehow there's always enough time to read it and to comment it. Beautiful and inspiring things happen when all of a sudden God shows up. All I have to do is give God the opportunity to show up. All I have to do is make some time for Him and His word and He's there to inspire me. Then all kinds of thoughts go through my mind and I can go on and on commenting the verses. Just sit down, get in touch with myself and I come at ease and find more than enough time to read the Bible and have enough inspiration to write about it. Same thing with church, there are times (just sporaticly - spell check- I'm thankfull for that) that I'm just too tired to go to church. When it happens, it happens on Wednesday, at the midweek service. Yep yep ... I'm admitting this ... WOW ain't I the worst Christian in the world??? LOL Anyways, it's not always easy to work all day, come home at 5.30pm, cook, freshen up, have Jaden all cleaned up and be in church at 7.30pm. While I'm going through rush our I panic "Okay ... how am I going to be in church in time ... ohhhh noooo ... I'm tired ....". Then I come home, need to fix dinner while Jaden is running around me, then we take a shower and I'm in the shower thinking "This is lovely ... maybe I should put on sweats and curl up in the coutch once I'm out of the shower". But how wonderful I feel about myself when I'm in church!!! And the services are even better when I've had this big struggle beforehand! And then I'm soooo happy that I went anyway! God will show up if you open the door ... He'll be there to inspire ... always!!!

Being that we are reading Revelations... if you are interested in End Times reading, I would recommend Joel Richardson's The Islamic AntiChrist: The Shocking Truth About The Real Nature of the Beast. I grew up hearing the more traditional interpretation of End Times Bible passages (e.g. European Union, Russia, etc.). This book takes a completely different approach and honestly, it makes a lot of sense considering what is going on in the world today.

Palms 51:10, is one of my very favorite verses, so many times I need that reminder how short we come to showing Gods Glory, and we need a pure heart, for that. Have a God Blessed Christmas, and looking forward to more wonderful studies on the One Year Bible. Thank you for all your hard work, and I my computer was down for a week, and I would always study on line and listen to the readings on Audio Bible, for some of the Old Testament Names are hard to sound out, I totally love it and miss it when computer was fixed and all the photos you put with narration, i truly enjoy follow along. May God richly Bless all your work, in Jesus Name Amen.

Hi Mike
I just joined this site this week. I have been a fan of the One Year Bible for a long time,but have lacked the discipline to read every day, even tho I WANT to! Figure that one out! I am an audio leaner, maybe that is the reason why I can easily put off reading, so was very happy to learn I can HEAR the readings for each day on your site! I enjoy reading your comments on the readings also each day. Good job. Merry Christmas, and may Jesus be lifted up more so in our lives this year. God bless y'all.

It's good to see someone thinking it thrgouh.

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