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Genesis 37:1-38:30

Something that I just saw and I could be way off the mark, Judah tried to redeem himself, by taking back his identity and sadly failed. This is a picture of everyone who relies on his own cunning, his own wealth to gain his/her rightful identity. This is a picture of all of us who reject the free gift that Jesus Christ death, burial and resurrection, we are trying to buy back our tree identity, but it can only be found in Christ.

In those days, a man’s “identity” was validated by his ring, identification seal, his cord and walking stick. The walking stick would have been hand carved and unique, a one of a kind ‘cause there were no mass marketing. Looking past the fact that Judah sold his identity for some sex (In fact usually when we pay a down payment or place a deposit, ten percent will usually do but this man gave up his whole wallet with his credit cards, birth certificate, drivers license, and to top it all off, his power of attorney), he like his uncle Esau sold everything for one “pot of stew.” WOW!!

Does God still speak to us in dreams, absolutely Yes. He speaks to us by the way we learn, the way He has created us to learn. If we learn best visually, I believe He will speak predominately to the visual learners though dreams. If we learn best through a hands on experience God will use a hands on method, something tactile, to get His message to us so we can grasp it. Just like God is able to speak our language, God is able to communicate with us through our predominate means of learning. Besides if God can use a chicken (a roosters crowing convicted Peter after denying Christ) and a donkey (Balaam received a rebuke from his trusted steed) then God can use any means necessary to convey His Truths.

Our problem is we covet other people’s experiences in hearing from God instead of taking the time to develop our own. Other people’s experiences should propel us to seek our own personal relationship; our own meetings place with God and not try to imitate someone else’s practice.

Grace and Peace,

With regard to sharing Godly inspirations......Often the circumstances of a situation or the successive outcomes point to the blessings and intervention of God in our lives. Many people will simply call these, "coincidences,chance, luck (good or bad), etc." I will gently point these out as divine intervention, shedding light on it in a different direction. Some will scoff, tease, or ignore, but after this happens enough, it gets them thinking, maybe recognizing, or looking for God's presence. Just trying to be a little light in the darkness.

Yes, I truly believe God speaks to us in dreams. Last February I had a very clear dream that moved me so much that as soon as I awakened I got on my computer and type it out in full detail before I could forget it. I then sent that dream to one other person. In my dream I came face to face with a Lion and while I stood there I realized that I did not know if this lion would kill me or not but I determined in my dream that it did not matter. If I lived or if I died the end result would be seeing Jesus one day and I found peace in that. I literally woke up in tears praising God. I knew this dream had significance and there are more details than I included above. To the one person I sent the copy of the dream to I simply included the dream and asked her to please remember that if she ever saw me facing a lion one day that she would pray for me that I would stand up and face it and find that peace. With all that said.... a little more than a week later I was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic and Liver Cancer of which there is no cure and the life expectancy if dismal. After being placed in the hospital, and sitting in my bed surrounded by my mom, husband, pastor and two friends I suddenly remembered my dream and knew here was my lion. I felt that very clearly. In remembering that dream, I felt peace. So it did not matter if I had cancer, and it would not matter if I died in 6 months or years later the end result is that I get to see Jesus .. what could be better. Now almost a year later I have defied the odds and am doing quite well. I take chemo every 3 weeks and for a little while last year Bible study was difficult due to effects chemo has on the brain but now I am back full force, reading, learning and serving my Savior, My Healer. So yes, I believe in dreams and yes I believe in the power of His name. Just speaking the name of Jesus has brought me peace during some of the procedures and tests I have had during the past year. Instant peace at the mention of His Name. How awesome is HE! That dream was His provision for me prior to my diagnosis. If anyone wants to read the whole dream it is on my blog and it is one of my earliest posts. www.foreverfitinmy40s.blogspot.com


Thanks for your testimony about your dreams. It made me feel good and gave me strength because I believe like you that reading the bible every day does have spiritual benefit. Like you calling out to Jesus in your dream I will think back during the day to my bible reading and it helps me "do the right thing." I really think it helps me immeasurably and it is a true blessing.

Excellent comment Tammy. God Bless you and I'll check out your blog.


I had a personal experience where God spoke to me in a dream, as well. I was going through a divorce from an alcoholic wife and after seeking God about what to do He led me to a 12-step Al-Anon program in a church where they replaced the "higher power" with the Holy Spirit. After 2 weeks of berating my ex-wife and declaring boldly to the group how she was the most awful person on the face of the earth and that she was sooooo sick that it was impossible to be around her, the leader of the group looked me right in the eye and declared, "There's somebody else in this world that is sicker than her." I looked at him surprised and said in a sarcastic tone, "You're wrong! There's nobody sicker than her, NOBODY!" He calmly, but with authority, replied back to me, "Oh yes there is!" And when I replied, "Oh yeah ...who?" he then proceeded to say to me "You ... you are sicker than her." I was enraged and stormed out of there letting him know that he had a lot of nerve saying that to me and that I was never coming back to the group. However, when I got in my car I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit, "Is he right? Am I sicker than her? If so, please show me and I will do whatever it takes to get well so that I can serve You with my whole heart." That night I had a dream and in my dream God was performing open-heart surgery on me while I was consciously watching Him. He opened up my ribs and let me see, with my own eyes, the condition of my heart. It was so detestable and so utterly disgusting, that there are not words in the English language that can accurately describe the horror of what I saw. I immediately what up, fell on my knees and cried out to God, "Please, God, heal my heart and cleanse it from that filth and stench!" Needless to say, I went back to the group leader and not only apologized to him, but also went on to complete the 12-step program where the Holy Spirit did a miraculous work in my heart to heal me of all of the rage, condemnation, and judgement that was in my heart. My open-heart surgery became a reality, spiritually speaking, as the Holy Spirit replaced my cold and sick heart with a new one over the next couple of months.

Also, there is a ministry called Streams Ministries headed by a man named John Paul Jackson. He has a powerful teaching ministry and has written several books on dreams and how to interpret them. He even teaches about this topic in his school. The link to this website is http://www.streamsministries.com/ if you are interested.

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The good person out of his good treasure brings forth good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure brings forth evil. I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned. Matthew 12:34-37

This passage always speaks to my heart. I have a tendency to run my mouth when I should keep silent. I sometimes let things slip out, forgetting who I am representing and who I am trying to honor with my life. Lord bless my words so they will be seeds that bear good fruit!

It's amazing how we have plans of our own (just as Joseph's brothers had for him) then God has other plans for us. I pray that when God change my course, I will recognize it and follow.

Tammy and Bruce testimonies touched my heart. I will pray for continued healing for you Tammy. I also have been touched by cancer (lung) although I have not smoked. July this year will be my third year of remission. Praise God.

You guys are so right about the Lord speaking to you in dreams. Just a year in a half, I had a dream about my eyes, and dreamed that my retina became detached. Sure enough, God was showing me what I would be going through the next couple of months which I experienced last January! God is good and he watches over His children. His free gift is eternal and forever. I never have to worry if he is there or if I have provision. I already know thta I will. :-D

be blessed!

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