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I know I am a few days late in posting this but I can tell you that I have really gotten into the readings this last couple of days. I was on a retreat w/out internet access so I could read my daily reading but not the blog. So this morning I am catching up with reading the blog. It is really interesting to me this year as I am reading Leviticus how much more I am getting from it and that I am enjoying it. That surprises me! The reading on this day really was interesting because of both a OT and NT teaching on cleanliness. Going to the OT and reading about the sacrifices and the use of a scapegoat is a clear picture of the Christ to come. Just as the priest placed his hands on the goat and transfered sin to the goat who was then slaughtered, we have all place our sins on Christ and He was crucified. What a powerful image in my mind. He was the final sacrifce! I can take my sins directly to my High Priest for forgiveness and His name is Jesus. And yes The word tells us He sits at the Father's right hand so our voices calling out to Him echo in His Father's ears also. Oh How He Loves Us!!!

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