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II Kings 6-7:20

Ah, the story of the Arameans being trapped by “blindness” is awesome and shows how lacking in common sense men of military training and political leaders can be. If the king’s officers really believed that Elisha knew everything the king did, why would you set out to capture him, would not one think he would know what you are doing? Whether their assumption was true or not common sense, if one had any, would dictate the prophet would know you were coming to get him.

I am amazed how blinded to Truth we humans can be. There were plenty of times in my life that God showed himself to me either with incidents like the Arameans experienced or receiving clear words of direction and warnings from what I now know was God, yet a chose not to believe. According to Proverb’s definition, I was just a plan ordinary garden variety “fool.” Praise God for His Redemptive work on Calvary. Amazing Grace how sweet …

Interesting this official of the king who was trampled to death. He in essence said, “Seeing is believing!” when told about the sudden drop in the price of commodities, that seeing he just had to do to believe, killed him. Somewhere in that is a warning for us. I heard a preacher/teacher once say, “No, seeing is not believing, seeing is knowing. We see because we believe so believing is seeing.”

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. (Hebrews 11:3 NIV)
Acts 15:36-16:15

This disagreement between Paul and Barnabas, IMHO, appears to have been orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. With the break-up of the team, one evangelistic ministry became two! I believe, no, I know that each and every person upon this earth has a purpose that has been designated before the foundation of the earth. When we allow the Holy Spirit to direct us we may wind up like Paul and Barnabas, at odds with each other each thinking the other is wrong and out of line. Because each person is hearing differently, and of course each believes that what they heard in their hearing must also be what the other heard so the other is being disobedient, we clash or worse, someone submits wrongly to the vision of the other and follows along. Then major frustration and resentment develops in the others life.

Today’s reading also goes on to show how when we have an agenda set to do something in ministry, the Holy Spirit is not shy about inserting True plans. It is our job to listen intently to what the Spirit is saying and change course. We mess up when we ignore the Spirit and do our own thing and fail. Then we wonder where God is. “Hey God don’t you know I’m trying to do your work!” In reality, we need to be doing God’s work His way if it is any other way we are doing “Our work our way.”

Psalm 142:1-7

This Psalm is one I believe I need to incorporate into my prayer life, often. I just realized how universal, crossing time and space, these Psalms really are. The condition of man’s heat really has not changed since the Fall of man in the Garden. The tools we have to sin with may have become new and improved, but the sinning, the despair, the desperation and emptiness remains the same, without God.

Proverbs 17:24-25

In reading this verse, 24 Sensible people keep their eyes glued on wisdom, but a fool's eyes wander to the ends of the earth,” it just crossed my mind that if our eyes wonder, we will wonder and thus we are unstable. Loyalty, a characteristic we humans desire in our relationships are usually not based on “Truth” which is the only stable thing upon this earth, but based on personalities, family relationships and such like. But unless the person we have given our loyalties too is grounded on the Word of God, our unconditional loyalty to folks will also carry us to the “ends of the earth.” Yikes! This is something I must really think about for a while. Loyalty and unconditional love I don’t believe should be the same thing, have I confused the two.

Grace and peace,

This comment is on the floating ax head: 2 Kings 6:1-7

About 4 years ago I worked for a Pre-fab, pre stressed, concrete manufacturing plant. I had three different jobs throughout the time I worked there. One job imparticular was a concrete truck driver, but not the normal truck you might imagine. The truck I drove was called a tucker built, and was originally used for hauling large amts of feed around a farm and would shoot the feed out by way of an auger which was located inside a long shoot that was attached to the front of the truck . Anyway the truck was used to drop large loads of concrete off at different zones at the plant. Everyday after the dumps were over I had to smack the dried concrete off the truck with a hammer so it wouldn't completely dry.

Well, I dropped the hammer into the wash bay which was filled with water, concrete, and other waste from the plant. I should have been able to reach the hammer because I saw where it dropped and the water was shallow where we washed the trucks, in fact it was a 10 ft x 30ft bay and was like a kiddie pool at the start and got deeper as you went further into the bay. So, I began to search for the hammer and could't find it, on top if this it was borrowed and I didn't have the $22 bucks to pay for it. I had just read the ax story I think or I at least remembered it at that moment. With that, I prayed to God and asked him to help me find the hammer like he helped Elisha in this story, but he didn't at that moment. So I went home, and the next morning prayed again to find the hammer. Well when I got to work the next morning they were cleaning out the bay with a front in loader, and as I walked by to clock in the loader was backing out of the wash bay and the hammer was hanging out over the side almost smiling at me. Only God could have made this timing perfect, because if he didn't there there would have been no possible way that timing could have worked as it did, and there would have been no way that hammer would have been found in all that waste. No floating ax head, but I'll take it just the same ;-).

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