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Genesis 42:18-43:34

A particular verse has not jumped out at me today but what has caught my eye is a state of mind has guilt. Joseph’s brothers are totally filled with guilt and thus paranoid. They consistently second guess and put a “spin” on every misstep they make with this unknown ruler. Unknown to them but they are known to him.

They said to one other, "Surely we're being punished because of our brother, because we saw how distressed he was when he cried to us for mercy, but we refused to listen. That is why this distress has come on us!"
(Genesis 42:21 NET.)

Twenty plus years loaded with guilt times ten. This is a picture of man outside of Jesus Christ spinning the events of their lives trying to get a hold of their culpability by any means necessary. However, unless man deals in Truth, guilt, whether true guilt or false, guilt will remain burdening the carrier.

By mercy and love, truth and fidelity [to God and man--not by sacrificial offerings], iniquity is purged out of the heart, and by the reverent, worshipful fear of the Lord men depart from and avoid evil.
(Proverbs 16:6 AMP)

Jesus calls to everyone to exchange the yoke of guilt to His yoke.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.] Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief and ease and refreshment and recreation and blessed quiet) for your souls. [Jer. 6:16.] For My yoke is wholesome (useful, good--not harsh, hard, sharp, or pressing, but comfortable, gracious, and pleasant), and My burden is light and easy to be borne.
(Matthew 11:28-30 AMP)

Grace and peace,

Joseph, Joseph,... and more Joseph. Since Joseph's brother, Judah, is the one in the geneaology line to Jesus, I'm surprised we don't have much more about Judah and much less about Joseph. I know Moses wrote Genesis long before Jesus, but since all scripture is inspired by God, I'm surprised God didn't inspire Moses to write more about Judah. Any thoughts anyone on this question?

Ps 18:20-24 -- David at his self-righteous best. Do you think God loves or is repulsed by these words from David?

Based on Jeff's statement, is God loving or is He repulsed by the words of David? No doubt David knew he was a sinner. Just like you and me, however, God was pleased by the heart of David, for He said, You are a man after God's own heart. 1 Sam 13:13-14 and Acts 13:22. David wasn't no more looking at his self righteousness but the Righteousness or "right standing" with God. We are all made under righteousness and right standing when we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord. Romans 10:9. Then God doesn't look at the sinful man anymore, he looks at the sinless blood of the Lamb. Everytime and each day we have new mercy and new grace and each day in our new body and new heart in Christ, we are no longer looked at as the rags we are but the sinless, blotless, beautiful white as snow Lamb of God. His blood shed said, It is finished!

Be Blessed

David wrote Psalm 18 while running from Saul. Prior to this adultery with Bathsheba. How wonderful is youth! Strong, healthy bodies and hearts that are still innocent. Time and circumstances have not eroded us. Sin has not yet caused us doubt - yet.... as we grow in Christ - as we read daily scripture we come to realize that God is a forgiving God and Jesus has washed away all sin with His most precious blood. How wonderful to be full of years and realize that through faith and sincere repentance all our sins are washed clean. To realize that even when we falter - we will be forgiven. How wonderful to be a Christian!
In Matthew today. Jesus realizes that peple from his home town could not look at Him as a prophet - they could not get past seeing Him as just another "home town boy".

To answer Jeff - I guess the simple answer is that through Joseph all of his brothers and their families lived and did not die in the great famine that swept the land. And his childish dream did indeed come true. His brothers did bow down before him. God does work in mysterious ways. Do you suppose that God not only shapes circumstances but uses chircumstances to shape his will?

Thank you to deedee and Ginny for your insightful replies. God bless you.

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