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Genesis 50:1 - Exodus 2:10

All day I couldn’t get out of my mind what would it have felt like to grow up in a country that you are a stranger in? Even though you were born there and possibly died there, you were still a stranger in the land... Clustered in a designated part of the country, you keep your customs, your language and your belief system. Yes, a few might venture off into the other part of the land and may even assimilate into the predominant culture, but most are grouped together within the same community unchanged for hundreds of years. Imagine being a stranger in the land of your birth. Imagine having to be removed from your promise in order to maintain your identity to receive that promise.

Israel/Jacob is called the church in the wilderness (Acts 7:38), the called out ones, the ek-klay-see'-ah. The church was called out to be in the world but not of or apart of the world.

What happened to Israel back in the day, is what we are experiencing in this day. We are the called ones, the ones given the promise yet separated from that promise while we mature in becoming Christ like. We are strangers in a strange land given a mandate to separate, not isolated, from the world. While strangers in a strange land we are to be to those we live amongst, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, a chosen people (1 Peter 2:9).

The pressure and resentment those who are born in a country where they are estranged, “aliens,” to assimilate is undeniably strong. Just think of how nuts people who live in the United States get when they think that a group of people are not becoming “American” enough for their taste. We cry out for closed borders, we demand that these immigrants/aliens get on board, learn the language, and stop consuming “our government programs,” without contributing anything to society and the tax roles. Think about it, that more than likely was spewed out on Israel while she grew to be a mighty number in Egypt. Do you think they might have had a “Egyptian” only cry when creating directional signs and such like?

The same pressures exerted on Israel to confirm, the same pressure we in the United States exert on the foreign born, even when they are born here to confirm is the same pressure Believers are met with while trying to keep on the path God has predestined all those that call on His name to walk.

Israel, the church in the wilderness: what things can we learn from her, what “type” and “shadow” can we find in her that we can relate to the messed up churches we find ourselves attending?

Grace and peace,

Question: In MT 17:9, why did Jesus command His disciples not to tell anyone about Jesus' transfiguration they had witnessed?

In our society, The weekend is the big thing to wait for. We work five days a week, to celebrate and have fun on the weekend. Saturday and Sunday events are full of the wonderful things we want to do. The winter months are filled with football games with the NFL being played on Sunday. Stores and shopping Malls seem to never closed. Where is the day of rest? Where is time taken to chill out and be still and know that there is a God.The Church has been forgotten, people will consider church only if it fits their schedule. Church to me, is where I'm refreshed in the presence of God. Its where I can continued to be fed the word of God. Its where I can sing and magnify my God. Its where I can strenghten others and be strenghten. The church is my sabbath day of rest. I can't wait to go to church. The church serves as our home away from home until Jesus comes.I hope and pray that others will join me and thank God everyday for the priveleges we have and take advantage of freedom and liberty to worship his name.

For only having been a Christian 6.5 years, you are doing very well!


The church is the body of Christ, and we should assemble together and come under One Accord! I go to church regularly, I am active in the church which I think is important to get "plugged in". I am an intercesseror and teach a class once a month for 1st to 5th graders. We need to find our way in church so it can lead us to His Way! There was a time in my younger years or teens when I didn't put church at my top priority but shortly after, I came to myself and realized something was missing and that was the uncompromised and forever constant God of the universe was there waiting for me and loving me just the same. I only feel complete when I am in fellowship with Him and His church and outreaching to ones for Him. I encourage ALL, get into a body of believers, do a bible study or get active in the community, help the homeless, feed the needy, minister to others. It will do a world of good and you will look around and realized your life is forever changed and will never be the same EVER! Life and life more abundantly will be happening in your life and the life of others and You will and are the hands and feet of Jesus, our Father, our Daddy, our Brother, and Joint Heir to salvation!! The verses that stood out to me were in Proverbs the first two verses in chapter 5: 1-2My son, pay attention to my wisdom, listen well to my words of insight, 2 that you may maintain discretion and your lips may preserve knowledge. , Get Wisdom, Get insight. I think that is important this year, we need His wisdom and insight more than ever! Be Blessed!


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