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Exodus 2:11-3:22

I will probably come back to Mike question/thought of the day this evening, but know I need to address something I’ve just seen in the text, two things, that I’ve never considered before.

Moses, knowing he was adopted, seeing the life he had led as an adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter, and seeing the life of his biological people, chose to identify with slaves although he had not completely thrown off the comforts of being raised in the household of Pharaoh. Got used his act of murder to begin the removal of his identification to the palace and his privilege, He kicked him out of the “boat.” Moses also must have understood or knew his purpose as Israel’s deliver; however, he didn’t have a clue on how that was to be achieved.

I think many of us have some inkling, some vision, of what our purpose is; however, because we don’t know how that is to be fulfilled, we go off and do our own thing and mess up royally. We then don’t set goals (see Jan. 24th) because we are afraid to mess up again. Based on Moses’ story we see that God can have us go at least forty years to get the Egypt out of us although we are out of Egypt.

I also now think that Moses’ reluctance to go back to Egypt and lead his people out was not based on some self-perceived speech impediment, but based on his knowledge that he was a murderer. Even after forty years, people have long memories and I’m sure if someone in the palace committed murder, even if the people around at the time die off, the records would clearly record that even. After all inquiring minds want to know. People love to see the might fall. Hmmm!

Grace and peace,

I know I evoke emotions about it quite often throughout the year. When heartache or suffering goes on in the world, or I hear the Michael W Smith song, "above all" both at church and on radio,it brings feelings and memories of what Christ did for us. I lift my hands up and praise Him and thank Him for what He did and in prayer both at home, in car, at school, church, I thank Him daily for what He did for me and the world in giving All He had to us. It's amazing!! I do watch the Passion of the Christ, though its very hard to watch that, but I will watch that around Easter every year. I just love Jesus and pray everyone I know and don't know even, will come to realize the great I AM!! I got to thinking about the verses we have read the past several days and it sparked the same interest in me that Ramona had about how it would feel to be raised and grow up as a foreignor in an unknown land? It must feel so wierd and unsure of to have everyone around you an Egyptian and have different faith, beliefs, foods even, and clothing and no that you are not equally yoked with them. What it must have felt for Joseph, then Jacob/Israel and his children and then for Moses is a hard thing to imagine. However, we are all called to be passing through or foreignors of a distant land. "We are in the world but not of the world."John 15:19. We are to be but spectators in this world. James 1:22, however in Ephesians 2:19 NIV says "consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household.

Hello, my name is Linda and I am 60 yrs old, it has taken me this long to learn the truth and I thankyou. I read your bible study on a regular basis and have learnt so much. I have tried to get my family to read your comments but to no avail. So I started my own little group of 5 people. It is private and only involves my two daughters, twin sister and elderly friend. I study your site and Gods word and have used many of your comments. You have helped me understand Gods word in a way I never thought possible. I thankyou that the Lord has brought you into my life and has Blessed you with so much wisdom. God Bless.

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