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Exodus 4:1-5:21

A couple of days back, to be precise, yesterday (my how time flies), I mentioned that I thought Moses’ reluctance to be sent by God wasn’t based on his Public Speaking talent or lack there of, but on the knowledge that he had committed a crime, he was a murderer. Guilt has a way of always sitting in the back our minds and coloring all our reasons we disguise as excuses, hmmm.

I have taken note of how many people, myself included, don’t really ask the question or state the true problem but the issue is couched in terms of, “I know somebody who …” or, we play ring-a-round-the-rosy in our attempt to avoid the true problem or question and hid behind our “stuff.” God has not of that and all though He doesn’t come right out and say what Moses’ issues are (Moses would probably deny them), He does not let Moses escape from His purpose. Think God is still doing that today?

I think we in the Western Cultures escape into new technologies, cell phones, blackberries, the got to stay in touch stuff, as an attempt to drown out the calling, the purpose God has assigned to each and every individual. We create our own ministries (our vocations/employment/careers) to run from our assigned ministry. I’m using ministry here in terms of service to the greater population. Everyone ministers in some way, even if that ministry is dedicated to serve evil it still is a ministry, a service to the fleshly nature or dedicated to the spiritual. “God I don’t want to do that so I’ll do this instead.”

Grace and peace,

Moses was so reluctant to follow God's plan for him to lead, EVEN THOUGH GOD WAS SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO HIM. How much harder is it for us to discern God's will for ourselves? God has never spoken directly to me. I don't feel that God has even spoken to me in a dream. Or even whispered in my ear. So, the bottom line is I don't know God's will for me. This perpetual cycle of praying and then listening (and then not hearing any answers) is sure a frustrating situation. I am trying to follow God's will, but as you can tell, I am very conflicted about whether or not I'm on the right path -- Please give me some feedback God!

Hi Jeff, the first way of knowing and doing God's will is in His words. Knowing the word of God and obeying it is knowing God's will and doing it. God speaks to us in different ways but one sure way is through His word. Ask yourself whenever you're in a situation what does God's word say about this? The truth is that when you keep obeying God through His word then with time you're spirit will begin to discern his voice speaking to you and even audibly. I have never heard God speak audibly but I have felt a strong impression on my heart concerning God's will and it has never failed me. stick to the word bro.

I pray that I would get together with others and pray together and come in unity of the faith today! I pray that ones struggling with sexual sin and lusts, temptations, etc., will refer to the bible and let the Bible do the work, the Word do the work and do a mighty work of cleaning out the junk in our life. When God's grace flows freely through us then we will look around one day and all the junk will just have fallen off. Our old self will be asleep and our new body and mind will be recreated to look like Jesus. Now don't think that the old "self" won't try to rear its ugly head from time to time but God is bigger than any problem we are facing and we can do All things through Christ which strengthens us!

There is a great book out there called the Sexual Man. I highly recommend to read.Its not expensive and speaks about the issues that all men face.

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