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Mike, I definitely think our priests deserve their pay and it is something I think I take for granted. Not an easy job by any means. God Bless them that take on this calling !!

The parable of the sower caused me to look further at the question: Why did Jesus speak in parables anyway?
1. One reason is certainly provided in verse 9 today: "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" In other words, just like the point of the parable of the sower, Jesus knows that some people will listen to and understand and accept into our hearts the words of God; while many will not. What are some other reasons He spoke in parables?
2. By speaking indirectly, He gave his enemies insufficient grounds to arrest Him for blasphemy.
3. To fulfill Old Testament prophecy: see for example His reference in verse 12 in today's reading from Isaiah 6:9,10 and also Psalms 78:1-4
These are three reasons I can think of, but there are probably others as well.

Godspeed to All

How much more do we remember when told in a parable? We also understand better with a visual in our minds. Jesus was a most excellent speaker and teacher. Ministers have a right to payment in order to do their best work. Some however do not take pay and trust in God to provide. Probably a matter between them and God.

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