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Should we dress up to go to church? Hmmm. I have dressed up and dressed down for church. I visited my son who lives in the Seattle Washington area and thought I was dressed down; but, when I got to church I found that I was dressed up. God wants our hearts not our clothes. However I do think we need to be aware of our personal hygiene in church so as not to distract others from the message; come to think of it, when we are in any place where there is a crowd, we should be sure we do not offend by our lack of hygiene. We must remember to emit the fragrance of Christ and not be an odor of the world, literarily and figuratively.

What is the appropriate dress for church? Having clothes on, being appropriately clothed so as not to cause a distraction. And women should be sure they do not wear clothing that is sexually provocative. Men are visual beings (God made them that way), and can be easily distracted by our choice of clothing or lack there of.

Upon visiting churches, I have found that churches that have many members that are poor and unskilled will dress up; and churches that are middle to upper middle class with high skills tend to dress down, at least in New York City and the outskirts of Seattle.

Exodus 21:22-23:13

Today’s Old Testament passages give “flesh” to Commandments five through ten, with a dash of skin to numbers one through four. Responsibility and accountability are found in these chapter and verses, responsibility to God and man, and accountability for actions that violate men and the community’s relationship to each other and God. I don’t know why I never saw this previously I just saw a bunch of rules and regulations to follow but this is all about right living in the midst of community and right actions toward God, who created us and thus the One who wrote the How-To-Manual

And if men fight and hit a pregnant woman and her child is born prematurely, but there is no serious injury, he will surely be punished in accordance with what the woman's husband will put on him, and he will pay what the court decides. But if there is serious injury, then you will give a life for a life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise. (Exodus 21:22-25 NET.)

When things like the above happen, people fighting or even rough housing where there are people around going about their daily business, when someone is hurt or injured, the people involved usually try to “excuse” their way out of it. “He/She made me so mad I couldn’t help myself, You just don’t know what they did to me.” The word “Sorry” is bantered about as if just the sound of that word justifies everything. God says, “No, you are not excused by use of the word, “Sorry.”. You must restore to its original state.” In fact, the Hebrew word, shâlam, where shâlôm, the word peace is derived from, implies restoration. Come to think of it, isn’t that what God will do when He ushers in the “New Jerusalem,” bring everything back to the “In the Beginning” state?

Grace and peace,

Mike, I think we have become too casual in our dress. I like the analogy of dressing up for the queen and we should show the same respect for our Savior !! I dress in what they call "business casual" when I attend my local Church.

When Jesus countermanded the laws of retaliation in the Sermon on the Mount, He said: "You have heard the Law of Moses...". Notice that Jesus called them the "Law of Moses" and NOT the "Law of God". To me, Jesus is basically saying that Moses' understanding of what he heard God say that he should tell the people was wrong. So these laws of retaliation were not God's laws, but rather a figment of Moses' imagination. God's mind was not changed from Old Testament days until New Testament days. But mankind had so distorted God's will that God sent Jesus to show us the truth. Does my thinking here ring true? If not, please explain why. Thank you and God bless you all.

Our Proverbs readings in the past several days have repeatedly warned us of the evil powers of the seductress. How well God knows our hearts and the sins that are likely to ensnare us! Lord, give us the strength to resist.

As a child it was a BIG DEAL to get dressed up for church. As a 12 year old I was annoyed and disheartened as I didn't have those NICE clothes and I'm not sure if I was embarrassed or just annoyed at the whole fanfare my mother would try to put on. I was going through the whole, Holden Caulfield phase (everyone trying to be fake/phony irritated me..)

As my early 20s came, I met a man, we started to go to a church ( a mega church) that accepted jeans and casual attire. That was awesome. The whole come as you are philosophy. I wasn't worried about what everyone was wearing. I was here to listen to the Word of God.

As the years went on, we had a family and longed for a smaller church that felt like a community... a home. We were blessed to find one where the pastor knows us by name, will call us when he knows we're struggling and will pray for us right then and there.
We attend a casual service but lately, as I shop for clothes, I try and keep my BEST for entering the house of the Lord. It's a reverence, a respect, that I came to on my own.

There are times when you are broken and desperate and just need the word. There are times when you should go as you are even if in rags. The church should always accept you regardless.
There will come a time when the Lord will provide you with better things and you'll come to a place of thanksgiving in which you'll give the best to the church.

It's LONG LONG process and everyone's spiritual walk is different.

I say, as long as you are seeking God's face, you are doing the right thing.

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