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I look forward to communion. It makes real the sacrifice. I have never experienced communion outside of church.

I think what is interesting is how in the old testament the chosen people of God were to be so different from those they lived with. God specifically told them how to consecrate themselves and behave so that they were very different from other nations.

Then today are we not equally challenged to be different in a dramatic fashion. We are to be clothed in Christ's work so that when we are in other settings there is a difference of love, kindness, compassion, understanding, and service.

I am looking at my clothes.

I recall a communion time several years ago on a mountian side in Colorado. It was outside and the spirit was flowing through the thin air and everyone could feel the spirit moving in the group.
I think in many churches today communion has become just another part of the service and not a time of reflection and personal experience with Christ.
I enjoy your daily blog and have done the daily reading now for a couple years.
Thank you Mike

I have really enjoyed the communion the last couple years especially at Easter we do it at our church is really nice and it's real personal and I think the communion is a nice reflection what God has done for us. I like the reflection of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemani is the fact that's awesome he's laying out his hole thought we got to hear the conversation he had for him to God himself and how He loves us so much of what he did that is just amazing.

I look forward to communion at my church. It is a time for reflection and commitment to God. Before the communion service I do a lot of forgiving, asking others to forgive me , and confession to God in areas where I messed up. During the communion I think about the last supper. I don't known what others in the church are thinking or feeling.

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