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I agree with you that the measurements God showed Ezekiel are very important and I’m not saying this to help form a chorus of mental assenting but because the Word says they are.

"Son of man, show the temple by your description of it to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities; and let them measure accurately its appearance and plan. And if they are ashamed of all that they have done, make known to them the form of the temple and the arrangement of it--its exits and its entrances and the whole form of it--all its ordinances and all its forms and all its laws. And write it down in their sight so that they may keep the whole form of it and all the ordinances of it and do them. This is the law of the house [of the Lord]: The whole area round about on the top of the mountain [Mount Moriah] shall be most holy, separated, and set apart. Behold, this is the law of the house [of the Lord]. (Ezekiel 43:10-12 AMP)

There must be something in the numbers and the details that would, or should convict Israel of her sin. Maybe the reason we don’t get it is because we are outside of that culture today and we are missing a “key” understanding to put this together. If the description of the Temple is, “the law of the house of the Lord,” then there is a form, a pattern to it that speaks out to us. We may not understand the description this side of heaven but I believe it is important for us to understand that the description is important even if we don’t get it yet.

And about what it means to be “worldly.” I think our worldliness depends on where our thoughts and ideas come from as well as our motivation. Remember Jesus said he only did what he saw His Father do, He operated from the point of obedience to the Father’s Will not His own will. (John 5:19,20). I believe God ask of us to do the same thing. If we our operating from the “Will of God,” then we are acting completely in Holiness. Most of us reserve some side of ourselves, either a little or a lot, that adheres to God’s Laws and Will, and so we divide ourselves into holy and non-holy.

It is good to do a check on our motivations. Why are we doing what we are doing? Is it something that Jesus would do? Are we doing things to get the glory and to be patted on the back by humans, or are we doing because God has directed us? In truth we don’t like to do, or don’t want to do what God is telling us to do because that will make us unpopular real quick by those in the “world” and those in the church. Our example for that outcome is what happened to Jeremiah when he spoke the Truth in love and to what happened to Jesus. O, we say we admire someone who does things for the right reasons but we really don’t like them because we feel convicted, and we don’t like to feel that way do we? So, we would rather work on changing them then changing us.

And about Happiness:

I just heard someone preach this, well not just, about two months ago. “Stop trying to be happy by doing and getting things. God never promised us happy but He did tell us to be Holy. I have never met an unhappy holy person. Become holy and you will find happiness in your holiness.” In truth, he was talking about people who look toward marriage as a future source of happiness and who think God designed marriage to make us happy. His take was that God designed marriage to make us holy not happy which is a byproduct or fruit of holiness.

And that’s all for now.

Grace and peace,

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