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It is with a sense of great accomplishment and gratefulness that I comment today. A year ago I started reading the One Year Bible blog without much hope of finishing, because of the times I'd failed before. Although I skipped out most of Ezekiel because I got really behind at one stage, I got through the rest. YAY!

Knowing that there was a community of readers doing this with me, and being able to interact with you all through comments was a key ingredient for me. Thank you to all who posted.

Mike, thank you so much. Your commitment to this blog is admirable, and your humility is inspiring. I think you must be one of Jesus' heros when I see how many lives you are touching daily through your obedience to Him.

Having read the whole Bible now, I have a much better idea of God as the beginning and the end, God working through history, God unravelling His love-plan and God reaching out to us. I have a much better understanding of Israel and the Jewish nation, and how they are a precious part of the fact that I am a Christian today. Praise You, Lord for drawing near to us. Praise You for The Message.

Thanks Mike for your labour in Christ. May God be with you and your family and even your clans!!!

This is my first time of reading all the way through the bible and what a joy it has been. This time last year I wasn't very hopeful that I would complete it but now I can't wait for tomorrow when I start all over again. It has been an exciting way to start the day - I do recommend making it the first thing you do in the day.
I do thank you for this blog it has helped me so much in my walk with the Lord!
Praying you have a blessed 2014 !

Thank you mike for helping me this year on my walk through the Holy Bible. It was an amazing adventure, one that will continue through my life. i ca't wait to start it again tomorrow! May God be with you and your family as well.

Praise God for the One Year Bible Blog and the work of the Lord which you have persevered in Mike. This is the 3rd year going through it and am grateful for all I've learned about the Lord and His promises. I like many am sure have gotten off track, but with Mike's wisdom have started back into His Word each day being blessed by his commentary and this year Ramona's candid comments as well.

I will continue in 2014 and congrats to all who have taken the journey in 2013! God's best to you all! Happy New Year and thanks be to God.

In Christ

Thanks Mike for this wonderful blog! This is my 2nd time thru and I could not have made it without you. New insights from God's Word each time. I try to start each morning with a daily devotion, your blog, and the Bible verses. I can tell when I have not been keeping up, because I'm a less at peace...
But I can pick it up later and get back on track with no fuss.
I started as a casual reader, but made the commitment two years ago. For those of you considering it, I would say Go For It!!!
Any thing that helps keep us in the Word is good. There is an incredible sense of accomplishment at the end. There are some 'coincidental' insights between the Old and New Testaments, Psalms, and Proverbs. For example, towards the end, the links between some of the Minor Prophets and Revelation pointing to Jesus are uncanny! I could go on and on about the benefits....
In short, Go For It!!!
Next year, I will try the Chronological Bible blog, which I believe Mike also authors.
God's blessings to one and all!

I have used the 1 year bible for several years from beginning to end I love every word . When it comes time to finish & start over in Genisis I can't wait till the next morning to open my bible &start over. I have learned so much in the past years , just this morning I learned that in Malichi it is prophesying about Moses & how he is going to prepare the way of The Lord. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that.
Love you guys & gals,
Ed Brooks

Congrats Caryn !! This is my 2nd year I have made it through the Holy Bible. Praise the Lord, indeed !!

For new people coming on I would recommend Mike's suggestion of reading in the morning if that fits in your schedule. Great way to start the day!

My method is to follow along with the passage in the Bible while at the same time listening to the audio link. I then will read what Mike's blog has to say.

Don't worry if you fall behind , you can catch up on a day when you have some spare time.

This year I am going to try the Chronological Bible. I have the book and ready to go.

Thanks Mike for all you do and God bless the Blog !!


Thank God for another year of the one year bible study. Also thank Mike for committing to letting the Lord use you in such a way. This is my 3rd year following this plan, however it is the 1st time that I have stuck with it the WHOLE year on a Daily basis I might have missed maybe 3 days but not in a row AND got back with double readings the next day. I have seen and felt the difference of studying on a daily basis and each time I have seen or understood something that I'd read before but the spirit has opened my eyes and spirit man to receive more. Thank you God. I encourage you to try and do this if you miss a day don't give up cause God won't give up on you .

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