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Genesis 37:1-38:30

Something that I just saw and I could be way off the mark, Judah tried to redeem himself, by taking back his identity and sadly failed. This is a picture of everyone who relies on his own cunning, his own wealth to gain his/her rightful identity. This is a picture of all of us who reject the free gift that Jesus Christ death, burial and resurrection, we are trying to buy back our tree identity, but it can only be found in Christ.

In those days, a man’s “identity” was validated by his ring, identification seal, his cord and walking stick. The walking stick would have been hand carved and unique, a one of a kind ‘cause there were no mass marketing. Looking past the fact that Judah sold his identity for some sex (In fact usually when we pay a down payment or place a deposit, ten percent will usually do but this man gave up his whole wallet with his credit cards, birth certificate, drivers license, and to top it all off, his power of attorney), he like his uncle Esau sold everything for one “pot of stew.” WOW!!

Does God still speak to us in dreams, absolutely Yes. He speaks to us by the way we learn, the way He has created us to learn. If we learn best visually, I believe He will speak predominately to the visual learners though dreams. If we learn best through a hands on experience God will use a hands on method, something tactile, to get His message to us so we can grasp it. Just like God is able to speak our language, God is able to communicate with us through our predominate means of learning. Besides if God can use a chicken (a roosters crowing convicted Peter after denying Christ) and a donkey (Balaam received a rebuke from his trusted steed) then God can use any means necessary to convey His Truths.

Our problem is we covet other people’s experiences in hearing from God instead of taking the time to develop our own. Other people’s experiences should propel us to seek our own personal relationship; our own meetings place with God and not try to imitate someone else’s practice.

Grace and Peace,

Me & my wife play k-love a Christian radio station all the time where ever we are & when we go to bed at nite it plays all the time so if we wake up in the middle of the nite to go to the bathroom or wake up to turn over the music is in our subconscious mind. We have done this ever since we got married 22 years ago.

Praise The Lord for his heavenly music

I had a weird dream the other night and I did call out to Jesus to help me and He did! This has happened to me a few times in my life! This year, I am very focused on God and His Holy Word (knowing it and obeying it)....and I can feel a strong opposition to this...even in my dreams!
I am so excited with this reading plan that I read my next days Bible reading the night before, in bed...on my Kindle! I am also deliberately focusing/meditating on the day's reading and cutting out some/most of my other reading, as I want this year to be the year of immersion in God's Holy Word!

AS we read about Joseph over the next few days, I would encouage you to take the time and google "comparison of Joseph and Jesus" There is a prophet aspect to his life that foreshadows the Messiah. Some have counted over 100 parallels embedded in this story - more than coincidence.

Too bad they didn't have dna back then or Jacob would have known beyond shadow of a doubt that it was NOT Josephs blood..lol..anyways..and I am not laughing or making light of the situation. This was cruel and tragic to do to their elderly father. However, pertaining to telling people your dreams..I believe dreams given by God should be taken in thought, ponder, and consideration of meditating, being still, and waiting on perfect time to tell others. Even asking Lord, if it is well to tell..such and such..Our pastor mentioned recently and has spoken of this several times about when God urged him to pursue preaching and that he would be in a pulpit..and such..so the first one he saw was a mentor and good friend, a pastor, and he told him and the man laughed him to scorn and made him feel really bad..It has been said, that one compliment can last for weeks, months even, but one reproach, or scorn can really shame or weaken your vision or goal..It hurts! Words hurt! Then he had another dear friend, an encourager, and believer in same goals and values as him that he felt compelled to tell him his vision or Word from God and he almost didn't tell him because of the first time he was mocked and ridiculed..he told him anyway and he gave encouraging words..So you see, its a catch 22. If Josephs brothers hadn't been taught to judge or been the recipient of a judging family(one dad, four moms, several half brothers) then their probably wouldn't have been a threat to tell them. If the brothers had been brought up and loved equally, their would have been acceptance and love given to Joseph..Jacob caused the antimosity between the brethren..and that is where the problem began..

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