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Exodus 2:11-3:22

I will probably come back to Mike question/thought of the day this evening, but know I need to address something I’ve just seen in the text, two things, that I’ve never considered before.

Moses, knowing he was adopted, seeing the life he had led as an adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter, and seeing the life of his biological people, chose to identify with slaves although he had not completely thrown off the comforts of being raised in the household of Pharaoh. Got used his act of murder to begin the removal of his identification to the palace and his privilege, He kicked him out of the “boat.” Moses also must have understood or knew his purpose as Israel’s deliver; however, he didn’t have a clue on how that was to be achieved.

I think many of us have some inkling, some vision, of what our purpose is; however, because we don’t know how that is to be fulfilled, we go off and do our own thing and mess up royally. We then don’t set goals (see Jan. 24th) because we are afraid to mess up again. Based on Moses’ story we see that God can have us go at least forty years to get the Egypt out of us although we are out of Egypt.

I also now think that Moses’ reluctance to go back to Egypt and lead his people out was not based on some self-perceived speech impediment, but based on his knowledge that he was a murderer. Even after forty years, people have long memories and I’m sure if someone in the palace committed murder, even if the people around at the time die off, the records would clearly record that even. After all inquiring minds want to know. People love to see the might fall. Hmmm!

Grace and peace,

I have been haunted for years by the verse in Psalm 22 1a. It draws me into that place where I stand and look at the gap that is impossible to breech. I can see the other side and understand the hopelessness of trying to get there. I am standing in a world of misery, suffering and pain and hear this verse. Then I see this brilliant vision of a man on a white horse riding toward the cliff on the other side and the horse easily jumps the ravine and I jump on the back of the horse and am taken back over the chasm to ride with him.

I often think about the suffering of Christ and that my struggles are so small and insignificant in comparison. I have had many people stand against me, but Jesus had his own creation stand against him, and he was willing to pay the price of their sin with his crucifixion. The love and willingness to do this for our salvation is a true act of love beyond explanation. I cannot say I would die for the difficult people I work with and I am not sure anybody would.

Its nice,even though I am several days behind on reading the one year, but I love it to finish one area and lead to another..leaving, finishing Genesis and starting Exodus is nice, refreshing even..however, every area of the bible no matter when or what time or even if we don't stay on same page so to speak with another believer, each word is read and meditated on at the appropriate time and comes to play at the right appointed time for healing and restoration. So, God is good and His plan is perfect. So Moses flees to Midian today..hmmm my first thought was that old adage "blood is thicker than water" here with Moses rendering himself of old familiarity and taking the place of being Israel's redeemer so to speak. Maybe he didn't know his purpose before now..maybe he realized he had compassion in his heart for the slaves and couldn't understand..maybe it was the few years he was nursed on his mothers breast and taught the word of God that made it all clear at this moment. Whatever the situation or reason..God is about to appoint him higher than he ever dreamed. Now, don't get me wrong at saying..death and murder is wrong..its wrong to kill someone and shed innocent blood at any cost. But he fleed and left the palace and it is somewhat interesting..the woman that he would deem to marry was at a watering well..does that story sound familiar (Abrahams servant..and seeking a wife for Isaac)..anyways he is with this family..away from the palace, away from the slaves, away from any familiarity and duties in Egypt..and then he has a transformation..up close and personal with the Lord..through a burning bush!

back to the thought for the day..do I or should we celebrate the Passion and death, burial and resurrecton of the cross once a year or more often, and if we do, when or what brings up thoughts and remembrance of it? different days and moments trigger the reflection of the Passion, and when I hear a certain song, like "above all" Michael W Smiths song, I realize full throttle what it means, or when the passion movie comes on or story of Jesus, or various moments of despair come my way, I can let my mind wonder back to that day in my mind where I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Christ died for me and for the world, and it brings comfort in place of misery, laughter through tears, happiness through sadness..

Be blessed!

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