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Exodus 5:22-7:25

We are a people of comfort and status quo. No matter how miserable we are in a comfortable place, we find comfort in our misery. I believe the plagues and Pharaoh’s stubbornness were needed to challenge the Egyptians’ gods but also to set up both Egypt and Israel to disengage from each other. Israel had to become a stench in the nostrils of Egypt and Israel needed to become reacquainted with the power of their God. God was making sure bridges were being burned.

Being oppressed and or being in slavery destroys self-initiative because a hopelessness sets in and then one develops a sick heart (Proverbs 13:12). When your heart is sick, blood circulation is hindered and the “body” doesn’t “act” the way it is suppose to. So, not only was it necessary to bring Egypt to her knees, Israel had to move from the mindset of a slave to one of freedom. Freedom isn’t free and requires a purchase price of responsible mind. But freedom means you become aware of your value to yourself, to others and most definitely your value to God.

Moving from welfare/dole, being enslaved or dependent on the government requires one to believe that there are gifts, talents, and abilities inside that can make one sufficient. Many times that means one has to get in touch with God to discover the gift God has placed within and how to use that gift in the market place. I know about moving from welfare to work and what it takes to cross that divide, courage. However, usually, that courage comes by way of crises.

Grace and peace,

From our OT reading today, it reminded me again that God is in control and He will use whomever He will use for whatever purposes He chooses, and doesn't sway from it....no matter what we say/protest! And obviously God doesn't mind questions from us, although He doesn't always answer them.

Psalm 23 - my confirmation Psalm. Who knew that 45 years later it would pull me out of the deepest, darkest place one could imagine! I only remembered a few words and called them out: walk...valley of death..his rod...comfort me. It was powerful and revealing how our Lord steps into any sort of mess we are in. Thank you Jesus.

Here is the rub Carol. God answers all prayer. (chuckle)

What stood out to me in today's readings was in Ex when Moses came back to God and asked him the question about him not helping the Israelite's, that it worse and they are troubled and have been tortured even more from the Egyptians, and the fact that God didn't agree, disagree or refute his argument with Moses, he simply said, this is what I am going to do , with my mighty hand I will deliver the Israelite's from the Egyptians, what I liked and didn't see last I read this is him reminder of covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, "but" the fact that he said he had never revealed himself to them before. He is establishing this confidence and security in Moses allowing him the comfort and security, of having himself revealed as the great "I AM" to Moses, when all else wasn't let in to this name or revelation, Moses was. Moses faith was weak at times, he didn't see his blessings that God had indwelling in him..he noticed insecurities and difficulties and yes, he was in his 80's before the fruition of the promise came to pass and it took that long before all that was playing in the background could be brought to the light, but God was in control. His mighty hand will be displayed and Moses is his instrument and his brother gets to come along and be used to. His brother gets the benefits of this entire manifestation kind of like Abraham and his nephew Lot..not part of the promises but and product of the manifestations of God alone! He is truly on the Throne! hallelujah. be blessed!

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