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Mike, you are so right on it about setting yourself apart from the world! We are the body of Christ. We are His vessel. In order for Him to work in us and through us, we have to be aware of what our spirit leads us to do and stay committed on the journey with Christ. Just this past week, I started feeling a call to change and alter my schedule daily, and first things first, to start it off again, "early" with God! I committed and got "on board" again if you might say that, to early rising, like at 4 am or 4:30 and got lots of God time in and my day was completely changed and blessed beyond all I could say, think, or ask. Does everyone have to recommit that strongly to have a breakthrough? I don't think so, but I do believe it is whatever the Lord places on your heart to change, its the little things that matter. Like you said the R rated movies, replacing with Life changing movies, or watching less tv in general. I personally don't watch those R movies in a "long"!! time either. I for one have small kids and so when they were born, we centered our movies around their eyes and ears could handle, G rated and such, I used to love horror movies, now I look back and wonder what was I thinking? I don't get the reason behind me liking something so fake but something so terrifying to give me nightmares?? such death and tragedy in a flick? I don't think my spirit should be submitted to that. Anyway, the whole bottom line is Seek the Lord with All your heart and all your soul(Deut 4:29), with All diligence(Prov 4:23), from out of the abundance of your heart will flow the well springs of Life(prov 4:23)! and Life more abundantly! God Bless Each and Everyone on this Blog!

Hello all,

Like both of you, I decided to set myself apart from the world. A few days ago, I decided to start my daily devotion to God by 6 am and noticed that it truly refresh me and guide me during the day and help change several aspects of how I used to approach things.

Have a blessing day.


The Transfiguration came into a conversation with a friend about whether we will know each other in heaven. Peter, James and John knew who Moses and Elijah were even though no one told them who they were.
Also, Jesus in the Transfiguration is like God's Exodus Tabernacle in the wilderness. The tabernacle was bright, beautiful and glittering inside, intending to bring the people thoughts of heaven. The outside was covered with animal skins, earthy representations.
What the disciples saw at the Transfiguration was Jesus, God bursting forth from the inside of Him.
His external appearance was earthy, "He had no form nor comeliness that any should desire Him." In the Transfiguration, God's essence inside of Jesus was revealed.

In Leviticus time which translates into our time we see a covenant community called, shaped, tested, watched over by God. Imperfect people! Doubting, arrogant, conniving people being molded into a message: God is God of all creation. God is to be obeyed; children are to be respected; brothers are to be reconciled; food is to be shared; elderly are to be honored; God can be trusted. Light shines for the whole world to see. We sense there is meaning to life, a direction to travel, a people of faith to whom we can belong. Disciple; Study Manual Graded Press 1987

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