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Luke 8:4-8:21

I read a commentary that brought out an interesting point on the parable of the seed. Jesus could have easily articulated his words as He spoke to the crowd so effectively that all would have heard what He was saying and understood it, but He didn’t. The reason He didn’t speak effectively and convince the crowd was because He did not want to overpower people’s freewill. Jesus could so easily have made everyone He came in contact with a believer but He never crossed the line of our own freewill. Imagine the power of Jesus which He is holding back until the appointed time when He just lets it all go.

For sure now I feel like my roots start to be deep with God and today I feel it more.

Just at the start in Deutoronomy 10:12

The Lord said: And now Israel, what does the Lord requires of you?
He requires only that you fear the Lord your God, and live in a way that please him.

Let's think about it. He is always willing to have grace with us despite our indefinite sins and in turn just requires us to love him and benefit from the eternal life.... Simple, easy when thinking about. But we human tend to choose the difficult path, the path of sin.

See all the Grace He gives us despite all.

Have a blessed and peaceful day.


How could I have missed this...so many times.

Moses fasted 40 days and 40 nights, and when he came down off the mountain he fasted another 40 days and 40 nights.

He must have been near death...what an amazing man!

Have you ever tried fasting? I mean apart from not eating meat on Fridays or skipping a meal or two, or limiting the amount of food you will eat.

When I think of this, I see why it must have been wearisome to Moses when the Israelites whined and cried about manna, and water, and all the "luxuries" they felt they were missing from their stay in Israel.

Eighty days of fasting with just a short break between. He loved Israel so much, and he loved God even more.

What a great lesson for "springtime," and to share God's truth with children as we watch the seeds in our own gardens grow.

In thinking about where the seeds fell: Was it fertile? How will they will take root and grow? What will prevent their ability to sprout? Will they grow and make more seeds?

This psalm seemed very vindictive when I first read it; it was not showing much mercy to David's enemies. And then I read some commentaries, and I realized that these were also God's enemies that David was talking about...and I recalled Paul's words when he said that "To live is Christ, and to die is gain." Which of course, led me to that great and glorious day when we will be taken up to heaven...but, before that we are told we will have to suffer for our faith. Aha! Sure, we are getting closer to that day when we will be martyrs like right after Christ's ascension. I think I will spend more time in this Psalm now, as it seems David was right on the mark! (Duh! Chris, Duh!)

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