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John 18:38: "What is truth?" Pilate asked. This is a great verse because it confronts us all. Imagine being in front of Jesus. The circumstances may vary because we all ask it sometime. Are we in Mary and Martha's house, listening to Jesus? OR possibly at our Baptism about to enter a mysterious introduction to the Holy One. Maybe we have terminal cancer and the question stares in our face like a dark figure of the grim reaper come for us. I like the painting above from 1890 by Russian artist Nikolay Gay titled "Quod Est Veritas?" Many a time immersed in my own importance like Pilate, I have turned and walked away without waiting for an answer. We are given some answers : John 8:32, 17:17, 8:34, 8:37. Its up to us to engage Jesus for our own answer. I did a paper for "truth" once and got a (C-) so it says to me that maybe I am not ready for an answer yet. I keep looking for it in His Word and what a beautiful conversation this is. Slowly His truth is being revealed to me and I sort of know I won't understand it all this side of heaven. Thats when everyone graduates to an (A+)!

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