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Job 23:1-27:23

Now that I am reading Job using a different perspective, I see amongst his words and his “friend’s” words many things from a different view point. One of the things I see is this belief that when things are going badly for us, God must not be anywhere near.

If I knew where on earth to find him [God], I'd go straight to him. I'd lay my case before him face-to-face, give him all my arguments firsthand. I'd find out exactly what he's thinking, discover what's going on in his head. (Job 23:3-5 MSG)

This kind of thinking is not held exclusively by Job all of us do it, believers and unbelievers. Things not going our way or how we think they should go then either we begin making a list of everything we feel guilty of; or, if we have truly repented of our sin and we are not operating out of “false” guilt, we question God’s justice for beating us up adding, “God if you only knew!” We think God is hiding from us because we just don’t understand what is going on.

If we really stop and think and look at the process of refining silver and gold and or study how precious metals and minerals are formed in the earth, we would understand that everything valuable that God has created comes by way of seeking (Ask, Seek and Knock) pressure and/or heat. It takes heat to melt silver to skim off the dross; and even greater heat to purify gold. Diamonds are nothing but pieces of black dirty coal under a lot of pressure for a very long time. The value is increased; the beauty of the metal or mineral is enhanced by stress, lots of stress.

Mike I love your food analogy in today’s comment on Job. If we, those who are believers in Jesus Christ really examined your questions we would think about why so many of us, and in some areas, most of us, are so focused on physical food and have no relationship with the Words of God and His Christ, the Bible. Let’s just get real: Ask the question, at least pertaining to the Church in the United States, “Why are there so many obese folk filling the church pews across the country?” It could give the appearance that many of us are not getting our comfort from the Word of God but from the plate, and not the collection plate, the dinner plate. About 12-18 months ago my pastor, before he began his message, read a letter from the manager of the local Red Lobster that asked him to speak to the congregation about their behavior. You see, after Sunday services (three serves 8am; 10:30am; 1pm) folks were going over to the restaurant and demanding to be seated ahead of everyone else already on the waiting list because they were CCC members. How rude, crude and totally not Christ like. Obviously, their physical bellies were not being controlled by what they just had been given spiritually. Christ like behavior is manifested through the Fruit of the Spirit—so, show me the fruit!

Grace and peace,

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