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Jonah 1-4:11

Boy, it’s one thing to have the storms of life battering you because, like seasons, storms come and go; however, it’s something different when a storm is following you because of bad choices. When I was a child and watched a lot of cartoons I would sometimes see a bubble over a character that contained little storms that rained down on the head of the cartoon figure as he walked along. Everywhere the character went the storm went, just like Jonah.

Mike asked,

>> …might we bring storms upon our lives as Jonah did? Might we even bring storms upon other people's lives by disobeying God's will as Jonah did? >>

I’ve often read this book and pondered the possibility of bringing storms into peoples lives. While people all around me try to save their life and possessions while sheltering me, the storm bringer-oner, holding pray meetings and rebuking and binding demonic spirits, the only way to get rid of the storm may is to throw me overboard.

I don’t believe the storm came to Jonah when he was in the boat, the storm came the minute he rebelled against God, it was internal. Jonah knew he was in a weather disturbance, but no one else saw what was on the inside of Johan. The outward manifestation came when he got into someone else’s boat. Watch who you allow into your boat.

Psalm 133:1-3

How wonderful it is, how pleasant,
when brothers live together in harmony!

I love this, harmony. In music, harmony does not mean that everyone sings the same notes at the same time. As each person focuses on their notes and lines, those who listen don’t hear the one singer, they hear all the voices.

We must remember that we were not created to all be in lock step position. Each of us has a purpose and a position in the kingdom of God. Don’t try to do someone else’s job or be someone else. Be what God created you to be and who God created you to be.

Grace and peace,

To make this story even more amazing is that we have no reason to believe that it was a whale that swallowed Jonah, as we are only told that it is a fish, and whales are not fish. How big a fish would it take to swallow a man?? Or is it more amazing? Would have to check, but suspect that the throat of a whale who feeds on fish is smaller than the throat of a shark who takes on larger prey??? Would appreciate comments from others on this.

Jonah is such a great story I wish we could honker down on it for a few days. There are such noticeable parallels with the Jewish mindset of the day like keeping Yahweh for themselves. Or how about our own idol worship – that lovely vine that made Jonah so happy? (Vs.4:6) I love the Nineveh revival probably the biggest in recorded history where even the animals were “converted”. Notice at the end, God’s concern for the livestock (animals) of the world. Reference: Exodus 23:4-5,10.

Revelation 5. I really enjoy reading this out loud. Here we get an insight to the centrality of Christ as it is shown through Bible History. Vs 9 – “…every tribe and language and people and nation” (Reference: Gen 12:1-3 and Ephesians 3:4-5). Also how the chorus of praise grows….many angels…every creature….the 4 living creatures….the elders worshiped.

Patricia: Try googling something like: "Men swallowed by fish" or using bible.org or ask.com. Personally, I think it is God's way of being sensational. Look at how many people this idea has intrigued - especially kids!

Would it lose its intrigue if we quoted fish instead of whale as it is written? I am not doubting the story itself, but have heard people comment when the term whale is used and they take it as an indication that we ourselves don't really believe what is actually written.

Thanks Patrica, I've been listening to too much Newsboys!

Cute, that I can handle as it is in fun.

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