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November 2020

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My husband and I are finishing up today and will begin again tomorrow. We have decided to read the Bible through out loud every year for the rest of our lives. This year makes 27 times for me and 11 times for my husband. We learn something new each time. The Word of God is quick and powerful and always relevant. We worship him and praise His Holy name.

Thank-you Mike,It has been a great year reading throught the bible,this year because of your constant reminder to not lag behind. I actually finished with you.God's word generates peace,joy&excitementin my heart.I want to shout" what a great God we serve." My prayer is that our families will serve Him.All nations will praise Him. Love pece &joy, N. C.

I always try to say a prayer before I read to ask Him to help me understand His word. I like reading in the morning before anything else goes on. I do pray that this year I could learn more and more in what His word says.

What a blessing to have read the entire BIBLE over the last year! Thank you so very much, Mike, for your continued dedication in creating this blog, for including the commentary links, photo illustrations, and music videos. I will start this journey over again in the morning - there is no better way to begin each day than reading, meditating and reflecting on the word of God!

Hi Mike. I am a 60 year old from Sydney Australia and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithfulness in creating this blog which is a wonderful addition to the Bible readings each day! I have loved the illustrations songs and prayers! Like Ron I always say a prayer at the beginning, I find it helps me to concentrate on what I am reading. I would say to anyone who gets behind, don't beat yourself up and don't give up! The Holy Spirit has been working in my life filling me with great joy, peace and the vision of me leaning on Jesus and resting in Him. This means so much to me as I am dealing with chronic pain and Parkinson's Disease,. My love for Jesus has deepened and more and more of my thoughts are prayers for my family ( natural and Church) my city, my country and our world. I am reading in Chronological order this year. May God richly bless you and your family Mike. xx

This is the second time Ive read the bible with the blog and wondered if I would get anything out that was new for me - what a surprise, so much "new" stuff was shown to me and looking forward to reading it again and again. I did hit a snag in October as was away for 1 month during which it was difficult to keep up and then on my return home I put it off for another 2 weeks - it was daunting to catch up but I knew I would always regret it if I gave up and now so pleased that I didn't. I always pray first before reading the bible every day asking God for the wisdom and understanding that He promises us again and again. Thank you Mike for your work for the Lord Jesus.

I would like to say thanks and also thanks to the one lady who always and consistently comments on our readings. It is great to read through the bible, get your insights, and then go back and read the passages. I love the music and found myself picking up guitar this year, to learn some of these songs and worship the lord with them after my readings. I look forward to spending another year. I have shared your blog with my siblings this year to.

Thank you from British Columbia, Canada. Jesus wins! Amen.

Hi Mike. I'm just getting finished today since I fell behind and found it hard to catch up- but I've done it all so I'm really pleased. I have struggled over the years to be disciplined in reading my bible daily so this year has been amazing for me and I have now encouraged a lot of my friends to follow the blog this year. I found your commentaries so helpful and you have introduced me to lots of new christian music along the way as well! Thank you for you honesty and commitment to the important work.

Joyce Cleland
Northern Ireland

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