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Exodus 13:17-15:18

I decided on the first of the year to make Ecclesiastes 7:13, as it read in the NLT be my focal point this year. It reads: Notice the way God does things; then fall into line. Don't fight the ways of God, for who can straighten out what he has made crooked?

Because of that resolute, this year it seems that without even actively looking those key verses or ideas, finding out how God does things, I am drawn to His examples and so it is with the following verse,

When Pharaoh let the people go, God led them not by way of the land of the Philistines, although that was nearer; for God said, Lest the people change their purpose when they see war and return to Egypt. (Exodus 13:17 AMP)

So often, I fight against doing things God’s way because it doesn’t make sense, but God’s ways are not our ways. When it seems like that which I’m trying to escape from is breathing down my neck and I think I am about to fail because of some unknown sin or missed direction, and or even think God has left me, I am just being used as a set-up for God to defeat that which has threatened me and desires to take me back into captivity.

There are so many things in this reading that I’ve never really studied that can tell me, show me just how God does things so I can fall into line and I will try to study them throughout the day and post back tonight.

Grace and peace,

Mike you should have used Michael W.Smith song Lord I'm leading you". Mike I LOVE all kinds of music! I've been a Christian all my life, sure i went through a rebellious stage.. Loved rock music. But today I still enjoy it! I think we enjoyed the tunes but did not literally take the lyrics to heart! I play on worship team and really enjoy worshipping to the worship songs. Avoid speaks to me through music. I don't think Hod places demands on us as what we listen to. Unless when I hear profound curse words.. I feel that is compromising my faith. So as long as we do it for the glory of God. Then it's good.

Sorry about the misspelled words! Should have spell checked! I meant the Lord speaks to me through music! And God doesn't place demands!

Hello to Everyone,

Mike, I decided to take you up on your scripture memorization challenge. Last month I memorized Matt.5 (the 9 beatitudes) and Matt 11: vs 10-19. I'd like to share a few tips with everyone that help with memorization. When I first started, I sometimes felt wasn't getting it. What I've found works for me is to go over the verse a few times 2-4 lines at a time but not try to get it all in the first run. Then come back to it again later or the next day and again a few days later. It feels good, kind of like learning a favorite song. The first beatitude is “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. to many this means that Jesus wants us to ask Him for help (in little things and big things:) so I try to remember to call Him up before I start. There are also free apps that you can download to your computer or phone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w7KIDRQXQ0 The greatest gift of memorizing verses is that it always opens up new revelations in the text and I love being able to have the verses at any time without opening the Bible. Blessings to All

Mike, I work with young people who listen to some very explicit lyrics in today's music. I tell them this true story:
Years ago, my grandmother was in a nursing home with some form of extreme dementia. My grandmother was a devout Christian and had been very involved in her church. She loved to sing and had a beautiful soprano voice. She had 5 children, including my father. My dad also has a wonderful singing voice and as a boy would sing duets with my grandmother in church. One song they sang as a duet was, "In the Garden." When my grandmother was old and her mind was diseased, as I remember, she rarely even opened her eyes. She lived in Wisconsin and we live in GA, so we didn't get to go up to visit very often. On one of the last visits my father was able to make with her, she didn't speak, didn't seem to be aware of her surroundings, and he said to feed her you would have to hold the spoon to her lips and she would then open her mouth. Her mind appeared to be completely "gone." So Dad sat with her and held her hand and prayed over her. Then he decided to use his beautiful voice to sing to her, as a loving act to his mother. He started singing, "I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses..." And ever so softly, my grandmother, who hadn't spoken in weeks and whose conscious mind appeared completely non-functional, started singing along. Her eyes were still closed, but she sang along to every word of that song.

Music is a powerful tool. The messages that are set to rhythm and melody get planted deep into our minds and spirits in a way ordinary spoken messages can't. I believe we need to be very careful what we listen to. I know for myself, I can't remember what I did an hour ago, but I can remember song lyrics from 30+ years ago. And how many of us learned the alphabet and so many other lessons because they were set to music? My heart breaks for this generation because the music seems to be more powerful and intoxicating, and it is certainly more readily available, but the message in the music is more destructive. If these young people make it to my grandmother's age, what memories will they be able to call up? What message will be on their tongues? Taylor Swift's? Lil Wayne's? Rihanna's? Think about that as you enjoy whatever music you listen to. One day, that message might be all that you remember.

Over the last few years I have listened to Christian Music in my car...I call it "worship on wheels"!! These song have lots of scripture in them and I recognize that now and smile, for thru these songs the Word of God is being planted in my mind. Sometimes when I have a hard time sleeping one of these songs will be in my mind and it is usually right on target for what is bothering me...God truly is my salvation and song....and He makes me smile in the many ways He is present in our lives.

I love, love love KLOVE in the car, and listen to it all the time, but I have teenagers too and they like to listen to some soft rock, r&b, type songs and I don't think there is a thing wrong with listening to music and having a large pallet so to speak to variate from. The Word is the Word...as long as we are grounded in it.. then we are ok. Yes, satan was the "little" god of this world and he had dominion. He also was a worship angel in the bible so he likes to distort others especially in song..but we have to be bigger than that and not let him be the puppet master pulling our strings. We can have fun in church, out of church and not be a stick in the mud! have fun..but stay true to yourself and don't be influenced by anything the devil has to say in your ear..Enjoy your day and your music..that's all I have to say! be blessed

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