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Daniel Wallace's philosophical, psychological, theological/biblical treatise on love and sex/sexuality is a "must" to read. I'm glad that someone has finally tried to put together a holistic view on love and sex and its signifciance in strengthening the committted relationship between two individuals.

Sometimes Christians when talking about sex (and other issues) merely quote scripture to support their arguments without taking into consideration
the psychological aspects of our humanity. As human beings, we are all these in one: physical, intellectual/cognitive, socio-emotional, moral, spiritual.

It's when we separate or dichotomize our nature that we end up having problems with our own selves just as when we separate ourselves or out of synch in our relationship with God.

A beautiful sexual relationship between two committed people strengthens the emotional bond and brings about spiritual unity. Indeed this is symbolized by the triangle with Christ at its apex as diagrammed by Daniel in his concluding paragpraph.

This was exactly the kind of marriage that I had with the beauty and splendor of sex, emotionally strong, spiritually grounded/rooted though unfortunately it only lasted seven years, but I can proudly say to this day ----they were the most beautiful years of my life!!!

I like the comparisons with the old testament day of atonement and the ultimate day of atonement.

SEX: David Maclean has some interesting words (and tips) about men and our wives in his weekly blogs: "How's the viz?" Wholehearted Men - Dave MacLean

Here is an excerpt: "Women bear the image of God in a way that is very distinct from how men bear the image of God. There are many ways in which that is evident, but one way is in a woman's desire to be pursued, to be delighted in.

God said, "If you seek me you will find me if you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you declares the Lord." Jeremiah 29:13

Basically God is saying, "I am worth your effort. Pursue me."

I believe women carry that same desire to be pursued. Your wife wants you to pursue her, to delight in her, to discover her, and to demonstrate your love for her. She wants to know that she is worthy of your pursuit."

I think that it is very significant that Jesus is the high priest and sits at the right side of God Almighty with his enemies as his footstool. It lets us know that He is on the throne, mediating for us each moment and making life that much more enjoyable because he is with holding enemies from going too far. He always has the last word.

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