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Hi guys!

I love the way that the scriptures throughout old and new testament coorelate so well. Just like in Leviticus and Mark it talks about holiness. Our level of holiness through God with the responsiveness and willingness of our self to "get" out of the way and allow Gods Way to carry out the diving purpose we have in our lives. And then in Mark the last verse about following Jesus and when he returns he and his holy angels of God will come for those who seek Him, that is awesome! Holy, Holy, Holy!! Love that old bible hymnal.. Also, I loved Mark 8 verse 17 and 18: "Jesus knew what they were saying, so he said, "Why are you arguing about having no bread? Don't you know or understand even yet? Are your hearts too hard to take it in? 'You have eyes-can't you see? You have ears-can't you hear? Don't you remember anything at all?"
--Doesn't that sound typical of us, as humans..here the disciples had Jesus, the Living Son of God right there in their midst and they didn't register in their head the miracles that just always "showed up" in their lives..God says that His Ways are not our ways, His Thoughts not our thoughts..we can't even imagine or fathom the possibilities that God and the windows of Heaven will open up if we just believe! Put our hope and trust in Him, the author and finisher of our faith. Wow!! God is Good!! God bless..

I have a question for you Mike. You talk about where your identity is? We lay down our life for him. Where does family come in? Do we obsess over how much we see our family if I grew up in a large family and did lots of family things. Because that's what we did! Do we give that expectation up ? It's a diff generation. What about seeing our grandchildren. Where does honoring our parents come in here?

How many times have I read about the martyrs, and wondered: "Would I be able to remain steadfast in professing Jesus if I were being burned at the steak? Fed to the lions? Or beheaded because I confessed Jesus as my Lord and savior? And then,

Jesus said it to Peter in Mark 8:33: "Get thee behind me, Satan: For thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men."

Ouch! That's me. And then I read on to see how in Mark 8:35 If I want to save my life, I can be sure I will lose it.

OKay, I get it now. But I must constantly remind myself that this could happen at any time, so I better not flatter myself saying how much I love Jesus if I am not willing to go the full length. What a horrible thing to get there and only to be rejected because I rejected Jesus.

Talk is cheap. I'm going to try to be more aware and committed.

God's love and blessings,

I do think correction is good. In fact it is an endearing quality we can have within us. So many of us puff up when another leader or elder tells us how to do something or what to do. We aught not to be that way, but take heed the guidance and work together to reach a common goal. :-D

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