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Mike, you are so right on it about setting yourself apart from the world! We are the body of Christ. We are His vessel. In order for Him to work in us and through us, we have to be aware of what our spirit leads us to do and stay committed on the journey with Christ. Just this past week, I started feeling a call to change and alter my schedule daily, and first things first, to start it off again, "early" with God! I committed and got "on board" again if you might say that, to early rising, like at 4 am or 4:30 and got lots of God time in and my day was completely changed and blessed beyond all I could say, think, or ask. Does everyone have to recommit that strongly to have a breakthrough? I don't think so, but I do believe it is whatever the Lord places on your heart to change, its the little things that matter. Like you said the R rated movies, replacing with Life changing movies, or watching less tv in general. I personally don't watch those R movies in a "long"!! time either. I for one have small kids and so when they were born, we centered our movies around their eyes and ears could handle, G rated and such, I used to love horror movies, now I look back and wonder what was I thinking? I don't get the reason behind me liking something so fake but something so terrifying to give me nightmares?? such death and tragedy in a flick? I don't think my spirit should be submitted to that. Anyway, the whole bottom line is Seek the Lord with All your heart and all your soul(Deut 4:29), with All diligence(Prov 4:23), from out of the abundance of your heart will flow the well springs of Life(prov 4:23)! and Life more abundantly! God Bless Each and Everyone on this Blog!

Thanks Mike and Dee for sharing. Though far from perfect...I am finding that the more I police what goes into my eyes, ears and mind, it changes what comes out of them :)

I find too that getting up early is well worth it :) I realize that if I seek Him first each day, my outlook and attitude for the day completely change. It's like His peace accompanies me.
I learn too that I need to choose carefully what I read/listen to. Those things will have a direct effect on my spiritual health!
Really appreciate in the Old Testament reading today, you brought up the discussion on Holiness. As a believer, I have prayed a lot for God's grace and mercy. Yet, I have not examined my life nearly enough. Am I living a "set-apart" life? If others examine my life closely, would they see that I am set apart from today's world? Humbling questions ...
Last but not least, I appreciate very much this quote from Jonathan Edwards, about the kind of life he was determined to live:
"Resolved: that all men should live for the glory of God.
Resolved second: that whether others do or not, I will."


I find that it is hard to have too many restrictions. If you have too many reservations on who ypu r and trying to be too christianized. I find its better to show up, be real and love everyone. Be blessed

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