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I so appreciated today's meditation, especially the proverb about alcohol. I have been a member of AA for over 20 years, and it was actually my pathway to deeper Christianity. I was definitely a Christian, even in the throes of my alcoholism--- one of my favorite things to do at night was curl up with the Bible, a bottle of wine and my cigarettes. ( I look back on that picture now and laugh! ) But of course, Christ's call is different upon everyone, and I am so thankful that even in the midst of my sin [drinking not a sin for everyone, but He definitely showed it was for me] Christ was there, reaching out to me, loving me, letting me learn more of Him and His ways. I am so thankful that this was my path, otherwise I might be such a Pharisee today! He has provided for me a beautiful life, complete with dear husband, precious children, and abiding faith; and without my besetting sins, I really think I may have fallen into a life of deeper unrepentant sin (pride) and not ever gotten to know the real Jesus. At any rate, though I don't comment often, I love the daily Bible blog and thank you for your continual ministry to us!

Mike, I like what you said about coming into a relationship with Christ. I believe that at some point a person will truly know whether he is saved or not. I don't want to stir in controversy about church doctrines, but going to church on Sunday's does not make you a Christian. Anyway, I love the way you said it. Reading about King Asa defeating an army of a million through God's intervention is amazing. But then Asa at some point in his life forgets God. Back sliding is real and hard to understand at times. It makes me wonder why a person will continue to harden his heart against God even on his death bed. I don't always comment on this blog but I love the work you do and I try to read it and the word every day. I enjoy reading the comments of others. Thank you

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